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Image for the poem Her thoughts before she puts them in her diary

Her thoughts before she puts them in her diary

Her thoughts before she puts them in her diary

I love men, that canít be denied,
But occasionally, I cannot hide.
Donít let it confuse or perplex,
I get in the mood, for some lesbian sex.

When I feel that way, dick is still king,
Wet pussy, then joy, for me it will bring.
So guys, let me be and donít be jealous,
Be very patient and not overzealous.

Tonight, a hot girl, is what I desire,
To say otherwise, Iíd be a big liar.
Her soft skin that smells good to me,
A gentle touch and femininity.

Itís good to start, with a kiss thatís long,
Sucking tongues, you canít go wrong.
Around her lips, my tongue does toss,
Savoring the taste, of her lip gloss.

Our clothes removed, we are bare,
Into her eyes, I do stair.
Pressed together, like two in the cold,
Lustful thoughts, so we be bold.

Sucking face, making out,
Hands are searching, all about,
Touch her boobs, like I would my own,
She touching mine in the erogenous zone.

Nipples now hard and out they point,
With my mouth, I shall anoint.
The back of my head, her hand does coddle
Like an infant would suck, her baby bottle.

Now itís time to move on down,
And let me taste that hairless mound.
I kiss the lips around the slit,
Before latching on, to that swollen clit.

The moan she gives, we cannot measure,
The scream she gives, from all that pleasure.
Her first orgasm, now complete,
Satisfaction, I did meet.

I swing around, and get on top,
Now two can eat, and shall not stop.
Two tongues, two holes, so divine,
Mashed together, our sixty-nine.

Eat each other, with reckless fury,
Weíll cum together, if we hurry.
I go first, then she does follow,
Her sweet juice, I do swallow.

We both sit up, with lust in our eyes,
Scoot together, we lock our thighs.
Like crabs kissing, our pussies do bump,
Rocking together for the ultimate hump.

This time itís her, the first to go,
Our juices mix, the perfect flow.
Then I follow, letting loose,
Now itís HER pussy that swallows MY juice.

Hold on a minute, Iíll be back soon,
I grab the box, hidden in my room.
Out it comes, my strap on toy,
For us to use, like weíre a boy.

She fucks me first, hard and swift,
Giving me that, nine inch gift.
Now itís her, I shall mount,
Total orgasms, we canít count.

Weíre worn out, itís time to stop,
Sweating now, my hairís a mop.
Stringy straight and lost its curl,
Worth every minute, during girl on girl.
Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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