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So much going on in this world we are all  
In the same game
just different levels dealing with the same hell different devils everybody got demons I fight my mines daily    
you ain't going to see it  
If you not real with yourself  
Nature holds the key to our aesthetic intellectual cognitive even our spiritual satisfactions we can go through troubles in our lives on our own but we're not alone in  this simulated reality in fact it's always someone around    
open your eyes to recognize  
I know your favorite rapper is    
not going to tell you this  
How  to explore the darkest  
 depths of your subconsciousness  
Through the visions of chaos    
we see how demons betray us  
 we need each other to build and survive this whole physical cycle known as life    
can sometimes become heavy to carry alone upon Our shoulders like survival mode makes us a soldiers  
Obstacles may seem hard to get over    
take deep breaths and keep your composure    
when I get in my feelings I write because  I'm a composer and someone who innerstands the confusion and misconceptions  
that comes with experiencing raw and uncut emotions we must be shapeless and formless water style on top of oceans we each have a true story to tell about our journeys and travels  
 my own Awakening used to scare me  
 sign of Aries I didn't overstand the almighty power that I carried  
God's daughter made from offering and holy water two main ingredients  
I'm disciplined and obedient  
To my highest self that's how I discovered real treasure by releasing bad Owens and snapping out of worldly pleasures  
Humble as a baby I will never grow old  
I am the one neo soul worth more than gold and The agents know  
 they want to keep us in a box so when i deep write  I am accused of having a conscious paradox  
I just want to help you snap out of this hypnosis basking nature and smell the roses disconnect from mental psychosis they will label your illness and give you drug overdoses    
"Do not take their vaccines"  
More caskets will be closing if you recognize what I'm saying then you are  chosen    
in darkness we transcend the storms have to happen in order to open up portals it's the only escape up out of this hateful place    
that's why many are going to be left behind inside of limbo eyes blurry blind  
Trust your intuition    
it should be running like a engine  
Some are going to be bots malfunctioning      
Your recognition is the only thing reliable trust no one anybody could be a rivals elites are too thirsty to be trustworthy    
Add insult to injury police perjury hung by jury then you feel the devil's fury  
Hell's around the corner where you shelter you live in Helter skelter
 friends and fam will switch on you like selectors I'm not going to soften my words to get tricked into temptation Babylon has made nations drink her wine of wrath of her fornication    
The thirst for information has been quenched by empowerment sources order  
 I'm fasting to the last quarter  
If all your life you ain't have to fight then you're not a real warrior    
some people are killing for things that are Petty  
You got to get this knowledge  
this wisdom this overstanding that's how you have recognition    
we living in wicked times souls are decaying stop seeking validation from people who don't even know you exist    
Behold The pale horse death is in the midst  
"If you really value your freedom    
             I suggest you RUN!!!!!"  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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