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Please go back to hell and then maybe I'll go back to Africa

I stare into hopelessness when I get the blind eye that was meant for me.
Meant for we to feel the scorn of your neglect.
the masters neglect.
Blame the father, but you the granddaddy,
I smoke purple to forget.
Indica cocktail to forgive for the sin of your kids,
for telling me its a sin to live.
Meet  me on my side,
I'll show you the end of real life.
The existence you live is a fake reel of life.
Your comfort built on the blood sweat and tears of those grandpa dubbed inferior.
a neck to a noose makes for a Friday night of family delight.  
I ain't forgetting shit, you can suck my fucking dick.
every step to the top is scrutinized and synced by your time to exact demise.
No truth in your eyes just pure evil.
Generally I hate generalizing but I learn from the best.
I hate violence but I learn from the best.
I love to love but never seen it from y'all.  
When I did it was through times of intense hardship that only the real Human will ever know.  
Forced to be brother,
Or I'm destined to fuck your mother.
You bought our sisters with stamps,  
Kicked dad out the home,
demonize the soul.  
tell black children their daddies don't wanna come home.
Mommy suicidal, broken and lost to her shame,  
tell me otherwise because the hood say this shit ain't a game.
Black boy to Black man
Every stroke has a purpose.
Black woman looking for the bleach to get rid of the stain.
To bad the bleach can't kill the shame in your brain.
they turned you to them and now I'm just another nigger in your way.
Black woman looking for money to mask the pain of growing up with out a real man to show her that he cares.
The world says dicks are evil and black dicks are satan himself.
hard to disagree when the son of a single mother in a place like chiraq spends his youth taking life from other youths in a effort to do the WHITE MANS BIDDING.
What happens when you push daddy away for some stamps and a chance at reform.
Easy way out.
This world will break us if and when we don't comply.
Nigga you a slave until you die.
'Nigger to nigger.
Nigger begone.
Nigger kill nigger.
This can be your world war 3.
Or take your concerns  home.
We said stuff on the news for a day or two now shut the fuck up or we will call the cops on you.'
You want more "airtime"?
sacrifice another black soul.
We will acknowledge your pain as long as you allow us to allow you to add to it.
Guns for Chicago,
cocaine for the west,
choke holds for those niggas on the northeast  
 and a bullet to the back if you're a Florida boy.
No worries the shooter getting away with a pat on the back.
45 pats your back,
last image
Tell me why I shouldn't smoke you.
Odog your fucking soccer game,  
it be da bomb like the one in that church that fried my people in the south.
That bowl headed white boy who shot praying grandmas in the mouth.
Another pat on the back with a whopper on the side.
You people are the double standard as you storm DC in an act of terrorism disguised poorly as protest,
my niggas get gassed, beaten and even killed.
Those two good people shot by that psychotic white boy with the gofundme stacked to the roof as you deputize a child.
That's is why I shouldn't generalize. Some  willing to die for what I believe,
fuck what they say you a hero to me and I'm sorry.  
But for you other motherfuckers I have disdain and no remorse. I want to take you on a course.
tried to be a human and wasn't allowed.
the gaslighting kings will never accept responsibility.  
they only serve to destroy as they lie to you and say they are your friends.  
I want to smoke you.  
I just cant't.
I want to kill you sooo fucking bad today and maybe other days.  
I never will.
I want to make you suffer for the same amount of time You did us and subjugate you to the existence you deemed suitable for us.
But I never will because if I act like YOU then I lose.
Its the only way I can be better than you.
Is to ignore your being the way you ignore mine until you need me to do your slave work.
So i will let you do the terrorism and  If I ever see you engaging in terrorism I'm gonna smoke you as a veteran of the US military and conflicted yet some how still proud American. The way you call BLM terrorist LMAO,  after the past 2 days I'm gonna start labeling trump supporters as terrorist. So don't let me see you doing insurrectionist shit or i will Kill you : ) JK
Hope this gives a good laugh to you. I feel like the people here love other peoples pain.
Written by Jonny212
Published | Edited 13th Feb 2021
Author's Note
This is what happens when you cant talk to anyone about racism and its effect on the human psyche. This is what happens when I get tired of watching the double standards of racism on the news and...
This is what happens when you cant talk to anyone about racism and its effect on the human psyche. This is what happens when I get tired of watching the double standards of racism on the news and instead of killing myself I just write to a bunch of fuckers who don't give two shits.
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