House Hunting

    Having is full  of the city, Jason deciided to take some time off work, head for the country, look around and see if something would catch his eyes.  Driving bout two hours south, , he was already in a somewhat isolated area of the Adirondacks.. He stopped at a nearby café-cum-gas station, stopped for coffee while the car was being taken care off.
     Across the street  he noticed a small real estate agency ocupying the front rooms of a lovely victorian house.  Walking over he saw a pictures and data concerning properties on the sell or rent.
     One in particular drew his attention.  More like cottage, a fixer-upper and that did not bother him considering that he loved doing renos  rather as a hobby, away from his desk and his computer work.
     As the sign ove the door knob said ''knock and come in'' he did just that and was welcome by a charming brunette in her mid-thirties, brown hair down to her shoulders,  elegantly dressed white blouse and navy blue skirt.
     'How may I help you'' she said with a snile
      Jason pointed to the fixer-upper and asked if he could see the place.
      ''Of course. As you noted on the description, it is  about ten  miles south of here in a somewhat secluded area.
      ''Just what I am looking for.''
       ''Excellent.  Let me get the keys.  I take it you drove over? So you just have to follow me.''.
      As  it was a beautiful Summer day, there were a lot of tourists, juge motor homes and camping sites  until they approached their destination, where there were more woods and fewer homes.  He was told that the nearest neighbors on either side were two miles away. In front of the somewhat decrepit cottage that he saw (''a steal'' said the agent by the name of Rebecca)  was a wooded area. And the property itself was also comprised of a bigger house, a mansion, really, left to abandon.  It was  about  a football field away on a gentle slope.  'It is part of the estate, really, but we think it will be easier to sell evenually, if it is as a detached part.  We are working with the proper authorities to see how it wll be done.  You will notice that the mansion as its own access road''
      ''And the owner?''
       ''The owner or owners, are hidden behind a number company based in New York City and they wish to remain that way''.
         Jason thought rather strange but let it go for the moment,  As he travelled a good deal, he always had a small suitcase ready in the trunk.   As he explained to Rebecca, before buying a property, he liked to reside there for a few days to get a feel of the place.  She had no objections, got all the info she needed from him, gave him the keys and said she'd be in touch and he could call her if he needed anything.
         As he entered the cottage the dusty smell of an enclosed space got to him. Open the back door, open a window.  Cobwebs everywhere and, surprisingly, as he turned on a switch, the light came on.  Interesting, In an abandonned shack of sorts.  There was nothing particular that he could see at first and not much in the small space of the attic where two beds were to be found as well as a framed picture on the wall:   an old couple dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes .Either they were Bavarians or liked to dress for the yearly Oktoberfest.  He preferred to think of the first option.  Were they they the original owners, or grandparents of more recent ones?   And where were they?
          Coming back downstairs and his eyes more accustomed to the place he removed a dusty and smelly carpet which he prepared to take outside when he noticed the trap door.  ''Funny place to have a trapdoor'' he mused, considering that there was no basement.  A small place where to keep goods fresh during the Winter?
     Curiosity got the best of him, so he got back to hiis car and came back with his army  issued flashlight, more powerful then a regular one. He lifted the trapdoor,  used the small ladder, five steps downand, in front of him, a tunnel.
    At the other end a wooden door which  cameeasily open by the single push with the shoulder.  To his left, a well stacked wine cellar.  In front of him a staircase, so he went up to the main floor, A  very fancy hall, spiral starcase at either end, a grand piano to his left, a huge oak cabinet to his right containing books in various languages including French, German and Latin.   Many first editions and some dating back to the 18th century.
    Not much at first glance on the upper floor, master bedrrom and a number of smaller ones, Connecting bathrooms.
     He went back to the cellar.  As an architect, precision was always the key and as he noticed an Italian bottle sticking out  a bit, he pushed it back in place, heard a click and a door slid open,  On the left, women's clothes either on hangers or neatly piled on shelves, then a box of jewelry (cheap stuff, it looked like) and next to it a box of ID cards.    On the right, ten Neo-Nazis uniforms.He did not touch anything, but simply called Rebecca, told her where he was and what he'd discovered, so it was time for her to call the sheriff and get over the Mansion quiclky.
    The arrived in force, four police cars, the sheriff leading  the way. Some policemen put on their white protective suits and took out evidence, starting with the ID, which others proceeded to check on their computers.  A few had records (prostitution) but many were simply young women lured my the prospects of being in films.
     The local film producers association was called and denied being tied with this.   They also kept the names of all the participants, even if they only one scene pushing a cart.  No, these girls were lured some other way.
      They finally found the name  of the girl who had been found dead on the piano.  It coincided with the visit of a foreign diplomat who, immediately after the deed was flown out of the country, thus untouchable.
     The police could get nowhere with that numbered company, but top notch lawyers and judges could.  The did get some names, but by the time they got to the fellows, had all lawyered up and anyway, none of them could be accused of having commited the crimes (bodies and squeletons were found on the  property).  No direct proof and thus no accusations.
  In the end, he decided that he would stick around buy the cottage, renovate it to his taste....levelling it to the ground aln building a bigger replica and in a space behind built a small memorial for the dead women.
     As for the Mansion, he had views for it, considering that it was now for sale as well,
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
Author's Note
Difficult to find the right spot for this story.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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