Total security

As the police chief prepared to go to work that early afternoon he made sure that all the cameras worked and that all the security system worked as well.
  He walked briskly to his car as it was already starting to rain, a storm expected for late afternoon, early evening. He unlocked the door of  his vehicle, also equipped with the latest security devices....and bullet proof windows.
    He mused that with such bad weather bandits of all kinds would stay home so it would be a quiet day.  It did not turn out to be quite so, domestic violence always present.  Plus there was the case of a disturbed young man (psychiatric case)  who failed to take his meds and killed his parents.  Sometimes he wondered why he kept on with this job.
    At the end of his shift he rushed back to his car, the rain coming down like rivets and nails. Sometimes he preferred to take the long round bout way to get home instead of the tunnel, but with the nasty weather the roads would be in bad shape, not all being asphalt.
    So direction of the tunnel it was. Plenty of taffic and as he neared the middle of the tunnel, to make things worse, a huge water main broke out pretty much flooding a tunnel already immersed with  water to the level of covering the tyres.  The level rose so quickly people all taken by surprise.  The police chief figured it was time to get out of the car and see what could be done.  But all his doors were locked and would not open anyway due to the water pressure. The windows failled to open, the electical system being out. And  as they were bullet proof he could do nothing.
    So, in the end, he died in the total safety of his car.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
Author's Note
This is based on an actual event which occured in Montreal years ago. A very badly designed and planned tunnel...and placed in the wrong situation, made it so that water accumulated there all the time. And when that storm was a mess though  I do not remember any deaths
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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