Verse One

The booming sound of a drum hidden deep.
This place, for some time, had been deserted.
Into all rooms the music begins to seep.
Can this disturbance within be averted?

Recently, silence has been my only friend.
Should I suppress this rhythm coming from below?
Up through my very core the music does ascend.
Now the reason for my panic begins to show.

Enter a luminous light dancing on the wall.
My eyes were reborn, immersed in the newborn flame.
Upon reflection, I sold my sight for alcohol;
and soiled my virtuous nature connected to my name.

Why must I become so adrift in my intellect?
Always blind and unable to ascertain bearing.
This clamor beating at my door just might erect,
a path to flee this insistent drum heard blaring.

Swiftly, I move through these long abandoned chambers.
I need to escape these passions slowly spreading.
Whence this character’s frantic behaviors?
I surely haven’t a clue of where I’m heading.

Poor footing sends me to my natural state.
Collapsed, upon the ground, a thought did appear.
“Why must I journey so far to abate
this sense of attachment from being near
the steady drumming that I do hate;
and where is my quiet atmosphere?”

Verse Two

Damned drumming disgrace to my lonely halls.
That dreadfully loud noise will be my end.
“Be done with this!” I cry while starting to crawl.
A voice replies “Come towards me and transcend.”

Creeping towards the creator of this pain.
Succumbing to this pool of fear in my chest.
Approaching the door of despair causing my bane.
When a peculiar voice does peak my interest.

“Who are you mysterious stranger, so inclined
to end my slumber?” I ask, awash in feelings.
This life devoid of fellowship and me were entwined.
Chuckling, he exclaims “Let’s fill this home to the ceilings!”

I query “What sinister perceptions do you barter?”
“You have forgotten your capacity for kindness,
and found solitude.” He says, evoking this lost ardor.
“Now stand before me so I may remedy your blindness.”

While being pulled next to him, I scream “Why are you my plague?”
Relishing the chance to return to my sleepy stupor.
His answer, a mirror I’m to behold, is quite vague.
“What’s the meaning of this?” I question the intruder.

He responds, "With your eyes open, view upon your soul.
Then, with your ears, listen for the beating of your heart."
My reflection shows me the faded youth time stole.
Why did this resonance within my core restart?

"What are these foul feelings that you try to rouse?"
My mood has spoiled due to the distracting chaos.
I wish to lay back down and enter a drowse.
This invasion of my station feels heinous.

He questions me, "What will you do with this newfound knowledge?"
Pondering, for a moment, my answer became unclear.
"Your presence here is difficult to acknowledge.
Yet, my pleasant slumber I require to adhere."
Why must he attempt to break my bondage,
and rid me of my quiet atmosphere?

Verse Three

My consciousness has been active so long.
I can't take this annoyance that lingers.
This disturber of my peace does not belong.
Maliciously, I grasp his throat with my fingers.

A struggle ensues as he loses his breath.
I've left my mind's usual sagacity.
Suddenly, the man goes limp as he reaches death.
My cold home is at maximum capacity.

Why now must my tears splash upon your frozen face?
I cling tightly to your inanimate corpse.
This persistent fear that remains makes my heart race.
What brought about my need to snap your neck with such force?

Had you been less of a bother we could’ve been friends.
However, that dreadful sound made you an enemy.
I will bury you out back to make my amends.
Finally, I may gain a sense of clarity.

Secretly, I’m thankful to you for your efforts,
but they clashed against a long desensitized heart.
My feelings become empty like the deserts.
In your absence the music starts to depart.

Peace begins to return to this massive mansion.
Laying down, I begin making my spent mind clear.
The presence of this rhythm I cannot sanction.
This isolation and me try to cohere.
I slip back into sleep's expansion;
rejoice for my quiet atmosphere.
Written by dumdum10100
Author's Note
First poem attempt. Please tell me what you guys think or if you would like to read more
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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