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An Eve to remember, bound to a stranger, sharing a New Year in a unique interlaced bond.        
        Unadulterated romance shared by two passionate people, everlasting memories from a mere two days from different years.          
Sexual energy harnessed by restraints, unchaining passions of the imagination and beyond.          
Holding her wrist in the stretch with just a single hand, lifting them over her head and laying her down, absent of any fears.          
Lunging to kiss and bite at my neck while  leaning down to tie her to my bed, submitting to my needs.          
Soft leather tied loosely, knowing that she had no interest in trying to break away.          
          Seductively laying stretched out across my bed, I unbutton her pants sliding them down her legs, dominating her as she willingly concedes.          
Her natural body revealing all of her beautiful scars, blushing and shyly trying to hide, freely exposed, a beautiful display.                  
My hands sliding up her thighs with fingers curled around the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down.          
Memorizing this sexy moment when her panties traveled down over her calves, over her feet for me to preserve as a tangible keepsake.          
         My palms pressed against her thighs, easing them apart, fingers feathering over her hips, stomach (scar), and glistening mound.          
Her muscles dancing under my touch, pulling against the ties around her wrist, arousing a deep stirring ache.          
Whimpering, her hips pressing up to meet my aggressive hands, embracing her velvet slick wetness to quench my lust.          
Her eyes closed tightly shut with pleasurable sounds of naughty groans, yearning for my attention to immerse myself into her wet blossomed petals.          
          My hands dragging back down her beautiful scarred stomach, up her thighs, pressing her knees farther apart, teasing her, desiring for my first impactful thrust.          
Cool air on her wet velvet flesh took on its own torturous touch, hungering for more attention she was increasingly growing more intense and unsettled.          
Poetry in motion, lowering my chest to the mattress, curling my arms around her hips, all in one fluid motion, my tongue just a length away, all grace and power.          
Looking into her eyes with fingers pressed into her hips, into that precise tense spot between thigh and labia, begging for me to consume her sweet nectar.          
          The heat of my breath might as well have been my tongue, squirming, ahhhh how sweet, tasting the dew on her blossomed flower.          
Passionately kissing her lips like her labia was kissing me back, dragging lips and careful tongue owning her like her protector.                  
Heat burning through her, pleasure crawling through her belly, spreading through her hips like fingers.          
My nose brushing her clit, her back arched so sharply I dug into her thighs to keep her steady.          
          No letting her breathe, full attention of my mouth, holding her tight, following the movement of her hips as the cusp of orgasm lingers.          
My tongue tracing the contour of her mound, my face brushing softly against her thighs, wanting me to fill her, soaked and ever so ready.          
Every muscle in her body was flexed and hard against me, against her bonds, the pressure ratcheted up tight with her steamy hottt and sultry affection          
She was helpless wanting to wrap her arms and legs around me, wanting my restraint to bruise her with pleasure.          
          Urgently needing to cum, begging for a merciful climax, brought on by our sexually charged connection.          
Releasing her restraints, flipping her to her knees, pulling of her shiny onyx hair, bringing the heat with my strong hands against her plump luscious ass is forever etched in my mind as a memorable erotic treasure.          
Screams of passion filling her, crushing my willpower, verging on an inevitable coalescing climactic volcanic eruption.          
My member excessively soaked, slippery, and glazed with natures lube (pre-cum), penetrating deep into her dripping pussy from behind, nearing a violent orgasm with every deep pounding thrust.          
          Her climactic screams drowning out my very own, filling her with my massive pearly seed without interruption.          
        Brazenly she quickly took me into her mouth devouring our blended overflowing  concocted wonderlust.          
Standing over her, looking into her dark eyes, pulling her hair, now numb, dizzy, and consumed by her full lips, soft tongue, and warm mouth, capturing just a brief moment of control that could not be denied.          
Fervidly lifting her to her feet, holding her closely against my trembling body, sharing in a long sensual and passionate kiss.          
          Sucking on her slippery tongue, tasting the alluring aroma of our scented flavors made her quiver, submitting her once again, melting into my arms with a surrendering sigh.          
 Strangers fatefully crossing paths, one from the East and one from the West, sharing an intoxicating 2020 to 2021 New Year with steamy sexual orgasmic bliss.          
Written by Feet-Fanatic
Published | Edited 7th Jan 2021
Author's Note
A Happy 2021!!! : just another rhyming erotic word salad...........
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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