In its power

Desires got you feeling higher,
seduced in its power,
you play along
 don't pretend it doesn't belong..
and you prance along
carrying on with a little pep in your step,
long as you feeling better
 and not losing your breath,
''what's the difference?"

Desires got you obsessed though
depressed and low when things don't
flow the way you wish them to..

Better not attach to all these things
that attract you
distract you
no denying you dwell
 in your desperateness but damnit
you know you're blessed
still on the quest to believe this
every moment
each morning
each night
despite being lost in some selfish
or hectic mental state..

Granted the gift to exist,
a mantra I need to persist in me..
the divinity i can never dismiss
I'll always take notice of this
magnificent chain of events
even through the haze
 of desires or disaster lifting me higher
 or dragging me deeper
descending to become weaker when
I reach what I think is a breaking point
everything quiets, fades away
I watch the wild wonders,
the feelings go astray
doing their own thing
restraining from reacting in
any foolish ways to what I'm witnessing.

Alive and breathing I am no longer
deceiving myself believing it's all
 just a big mess full of pain and stress
the strain seems to easily depress..

The lesson is to not invest in
the darkness to win,
love and hope outshined
harder to find..
But you reach a level of understanding
eventually where you realize you need
not search for it as if it were an
object to be obtained
the secret contained is that you
 create it yourself..
Written by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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