As She Sleeps

As she sleeps I depart
On a journey once abandoned
A destination unvisited...

But so sacred
That anxious mystery.haunts my hands 

Darkness sweeps these cabin walls
I cannot see 
But my hands find the once familiar path 

I follow the memories

Blindly I travel 
Warm  hands quietly walking
Toward the thick shield  guarding her
Ever careful not to disturb the slumber  

Beneath thick cloth I arrive 
Still I cannot see 
But so familiar this place 
I continue without need for eyes

Fingers alight atop softest skin 
Warm hands lightly touch her
The sound of her steady  breaths disrupted 

Cautious  footsteps...I pause in fear 

Waiting for deep breaths to return...I continue 
Rediscovering each path of this familiar place
Lingering when I reach the crest
Holding softly her fullness in my hand

Her breathing quiets
Deepens as if awake 
But eyes remain gently closed 

She joins me on the journey 

I loose my hand’s embrace 
Sending fingertips to descend
Into the dark valley 
Now unguarded as she sleeps 

Continuing the deep descent 
Arriving at the castle walls 
Where thick ivy clings to the stone 
And halts my discovery 

Determined, I try to find a way
But the path is too narrow 
Protected by sleepy limbs 
And the ivy

My trembling hands can only manage 
To gently press where the door once stood 
Looking for the hidden key
That will open this castle to me 

And then a change..
Her slumber disturbed? 
Shoulders and hips are turning 
I am startled and afraid! 

But she is not awake 
Perhaps now dreaming? 
And when I check the path again
It is wide and inviting 

Fingertips creep quietly
Toward  the sacred chamber entrance 
Curled gently as if to say “come hither” 
They wait upon the threshold 

Memories of the place remind me
Wait for the warmth before proceeding 
So in the darkness I wait, and I wait
Until subtle movement of hips show me in 

Excited for my return!
I hurriedly bring my lips to the ivy
And as I kiss there, it magically transforms 
Into a cool stream where I quench my thirst

Oh the journey! 
What pretty soft hills, beautiful castle walls
The once narrow trail now a wide path
Doors flutter and throw open to welcome their guest! 

And suddenly she awakes,
Unaware of the journey? 
She moans and shakes free
Of the exploring hands 

I am left to turn
Towards the dark cabin walls 
With only the precious scent of ivy 
Lingering on my fingertips 
Written by RPM1on1
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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