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Our Love Loop

Laying in bed, another night of staring at the darkness beyond my bedroom door thinking, pondering

I close my eyes, lay on my side and touch my hip gently, slowly, pretending that it is your hands

To think of the heat of your body often makes my mind drift to an alternate imaginative world.

Wanting only you, arrive for your presence, your embrace, every bit of just you to envelope me.

The way that your hands fall around my body, Take your Clothes off, now, and I do, no hesitation.

Pulling me into another odd position that may or may not work out but we are both so excited

Sliding into me, though sometimes awkwardly, we become one and the same, you,

Kissing up and down my body, always just a little too wet but its every bit of what I love of you

As lips meet mine, I embrace a moan of rejoice and I quiver even more so than before, from below

Itís been too long since our bodies last met, edging well over a week, maybe two, hard to remember

Hours pass with each thrust, a quick video, a photo or two to ensure the memory until next time

As things dial down, I believe a rest, a nap is in order, cuddling but you want to go again and again...

Your stamina is unbelievable how you stay so hard for me for so long, needs unending pleasure

How your focus shifts to me for so long at a time to make me happy, to make me get there, you pleaser

Alas, Here I am in your bed, making love to you. I hope you see that I love more than your sex...

Drifting off with thought of dread for I am to go home and fall asleep with anotherís arms around me

Even more, when She will feel cuddly again to want your body, take it from me as he will from you

I am lost and confused for the situation is a heavy thought left on as a footprint on my very heart.

You are more loving on me than any one person ever deserves to be loved for simply existing.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what it would be like if our separate beds were one in the same.

Drifting asleep to your rhythm, so quiet I canít even tell life except for your chestís rise and fall...

I once dreamed we ran away from them, into a new life but I left my children behind, the unspeakable sin.

I am unsure if I can make you happy in the first place, if I hurt you, Iíd kill you, you deserve better than I...

Stuck in this loop of love, sadness, this dance we do, You are loved dear, For I love you...
Written by Monkeymaham2
Author's Note
I write with heavy hearts in mind
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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