Divine Connection

I am Woman.  
Maiden, mother and crone
Behold the secrets of nature woven into my cells
And knowledge of your creation
That was born from my blood...
I sow seeds with my words and drop them  
In your path, so you may  walk upon the petals  
Of my sacrifice, my abundance
So you will pick beautiful fruits
And the seeds that you eat will  
Grow inside you where they will flourish
And slowly bloom to reveal  
The fruits of your awareness...
See the reflection of the skies
As endless, vast clouds roll behind my eyes
Just like the ocean, I  ebb and flow too
Just like the moon, I wax and wane,
This wildling spirit will never be tamed...
The rhythm of the tides between my pulsing thighs
Waves of the sea Written in my skin 
The force of the rising mountain in my belly,  
Reaching to greet the sky
As the wind screams my name you will know me
And as thunder beats my heart you will fear me...
I am nourished from stardust and bathed in fire
forces I cannot deny are  
Pushing me, pulling me,
Upwards and downwards,  
Forward and back
The same flow that opens the rose is  
Running through the rivers in my veins...
My love for you is unending, infinite,
Countless as the grains of sand of the time  
That falls through your fingertips
They too are my design
My creation, my gift to you
But the secrets of the stars  
And the depths of the oceans  
Will always remain a mystery
And what you really are will continue to elude you
And you will be resigned to repeat your history
Though at times I will make it clear as day
You are given this life, this time, this cycle  
Because of my will for thee...
And as what goes up must come down
And night will surely roll into day
These bountiful gifts can be shaken loose  
From under your feet and taken away
And all the concrete  and steel  
That you stole from my bones  
And built your infantile fantasies with
Will be reduced to  dust  
And I will blow  it all back into the galaxies  
They came from...
In the death of winter
The goddess morphs
Becomes the original sinner
As she sheds her skin,  
grey skies grow darker  
Fronds are dying  
in the depths of her winter
The coldness tightens its icy fingers on her wings
The veil between the worlds gets thinner  
And the long dark night casts shadows on her  soul
time appears to stand still
Just as the world seems as if it is over
Light breaks through the glooming clouds  
the morning dew settles
Casting crystals in shadow's footsteps
New shoots are blooming  
Signalling  fresh life  
Spring rides through the breaking dawn and  
Heralds  a new beginning
As her cycle starts again.
Written by WordWeaver
Author's Note
This flowed through the vortex. It is utterly beautiful when this feeling takes hold of me and I am able to decipher my thoughts onto paper like this.
It started off as an ode to woman as Gaia incarnate, as I feel and know well the connection between the earth, moon and stars with my body and soul but then it morphed into what Gaia might say if we could hear her words.
This is a free flow first draft.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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