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You're Aroused

Day 1
Twice as long you have been abstaining
The simple sundress slips off
My black bikini beckons to arouse
My playful poke poignantly placed to pique
You poke my side in revenge
The battle has begun
Ever so close to kiss,
           You’re aroused
Day 2
Fell asleep hard, woke up harder
Can I borrow a shirt?
Your house is a mess!
Watch me make it spotless
I bend over to pick up a book,
My curves peaking out
Sit back and enjoy the view
              You’re aroused
Over my shoulder, your tent has risen
I wander over to inspect its dimensions
Now I bend over you
My warm breath ever so close
Ever so enticing
Let me feel you
              You’re aroused
Day 3
Wake up soldier!
Yes it is 200 hours,
I want your dick at attention!
Do I need to slap you into shape?
              You’re aroused (good)
Is it starting to hurt?
Are you begging for a release yet?
Not yet
Slip off these confining clothes
Press my hips to your hard wood
Soft grinding, then hard.
Your head rolls back
A groan slips from your mouth
              You’re aroused
We must stop.
Drop and give me 50
Back to attention
As you pop up, your dick pops in
My mouth is warm, your dick was soft
Not for long
              You’re aroused
Do you need a break?
Are you pouting?
Are you tired?
You know it’s worth it,
Remember last time,
When we went all day?
Remember my touch?
              You’re aroused
Now it’s time.
The sun has set.
You are in the final stretch.
Give me your hands to tie to the bed frame.
Spread your legs, no kicking
This rope is for around your balls.
Are they tender? I will be gentle.
              You’re aroused
Let’s start by sucking your balls
Biting your lip
Nibbling your nipples
Slowly my mouth makes its way around your spire
Always changing, light and tender
Deeply sucking
              You’re aroused
Your moan says you’re close
Your eyes say you’re on the edge
Tap, tap, tap on your balls
Not yet
Your legs pull against the bondage
Your stomach clenches
              You remain aroused
My mouth goes back down
Deeper, longer, harder
Can you keep from cumming for one stroke?
Your body starts to shake
I pull out, this time the slaps are harder
Or at least they feel harder on your ever more engorged gems
              You’re aroused
Hold back as long as you can
Every touch is a mixture of pleasure and pain
There is a rhythmic pattern now
My mouth quickly bounces up and down on your cock
One hand holding and twisting your shaft
The other rubbing and tapping your balls
Your body starts to shake again
Your eyes roll back
Screams escape your mouth
I don’t stop
As the first drop shoots out
I unwrap your cock
And let that cum shoot across your chest
I keep rubbing careful not to block any of your cum shots
Over and over, until it is just the little last drip
I use your cream to keep rubbing until all that’s left is pain and exhaustion.
              You were aroused
After Care
All the ropes untied
I check for abrasions
Healing with my kisses
I hold you tight
And stroke your head
              You were so aroused
Did you enjoy it?
What worked? What did not?
Do you want more?
              You were so aroused
Tell me what you need.
My pussy to milk out another cum?
A long hot bath?
Soothing oils on your whole body?
Your wish is my desire.
              You’re aroused again.
Written by DomistLoral
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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