Blowing Off Steam

President Trump,
the resident grump;
little orange man
in the big White House
spewing lies and shit
from his puckered mouth,
indistinguishable from an ass
when that fucker (s)pouts
evicted, as predictedó
such a despicable man,
may he get the out fuck out
as fast as he can
amidst a massive breach
of national security,
the sadistic (imp)peach(ed)
fades into obscurity
let's weed out this impurity,
'cause shit's getting serious;
and I'm furious
at how far we've let this go!
this man is deliriousó
blowing enough smoke
to choke up the crowd,
applauding so loud
so proud to be an American,
yet in comparison
to other first world countries
things just smell a little funny
what is this? a joke?
it's like a parody on life,
but without the hilarity;
the whole world is laughing
while he's acting with a scarcity
(of judgement)
the filthy curmudgeon,
lining his pockets  
with the blood of the publicó
yet the crowd fucking loves it,
eating the slop
from the bottom of the bucket
to the man who gets
a big erection
at the thought of a
rigged election
this one's for you

crazy as a loon,  
staging a coup,
like 'one flew  
over the cuckoo's nest'
raging red
as a robin's breast,
trying his best
'to kill a mockingbird'
by destroying its nest
making a mockery of democracy
in this descent into delusion;
leading his faithful flock of sheep
off the cliff of his confusion
falling straight
into the jaws of the beast;
and to say the very least,
it's time they pull  
the wool from their eyes
to see wolf that lies beneath
Written by NewBeginnings
Author's Note
A triggered, political rant of a poem with lots of profanity - written in freestyle verse. This might ruffle some feathers 😅
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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