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Mm.. Stolen Moments

Park Ridge, New Jersey
The Next Day

Artesia stepped off the elevator. She adjusted her Donna Karan purse on her shoulder blade and gripped her briefcase tighter. She glimpsed Bradley’s office door open.
Artesia crept pass his office door.
“Artesia… I need to see you.”
“Darn it.”
Artesia backtracked. She stood in Bradley’s doorway.
He was practicing his golf swings as usual.
“Can you come in and close the door.
Artesia exhaled slowly and entered Bradley’s office. She shut the door and locked it.
Bradley looked down at a great pair of legs stuffed in a pair of six inch high heels from behind.
“How is the Peralsome case fairing?”
Artesia turned to face Bradley.
“It’s fairing. In addition, I’ve already typed the deposition for your father.”
Bradley looked at Artesia’s waistline, then her breasts.
“Pardon me.”  
“My golf swings.”
He rested the golf club against the wall and walked over to Artesia.
Artesia stepped back.
“I tried calling your residence last night.”
“My cell phone is ineffective.”
“Such a pity, I really needed to see you last night.”
“Mr. Morris, how can I assist you?”
Bradley arched his eyebrows.
“It would be wonderful if I had a choice.”
He looked down and fingered the button to her suit jacket.
Artesia overlapped Bradley’s hand and eased it down.
“If I’m needed, I will be in my office.”
“Why do you continue to make me long, for something you once gave me so freely?”
“Uum…, maybe that’s because we were intoxicated the last time, and you took advantage of the opportunity.”
Bradley looked over at the closed door.
“I did no such thing, and if so, it didn’t stop you for returning for more.”  
Artesia cleared her throat.
“I will be in my office.”
She pivoted to turn.
Bradley grabbed Artesia’s arm.
“Wait, I hate it when we quarrel with one another. I miss you that’s all.”
Artesia turned around.
“And I apologize for my rude outburst.”
His dark-brown colored eyes melted her heart years ago, for her to have entered a three year interracial-relationship with him.
Artesia stroked Bradley’s walnut skin tone complexion. Her finger canvassed the beard veiling his lower jaw line.
Bradley caught Artesia’s hand and kissed her inner palm.
“Have dinner with me tonight.”
“I recall the last dinner; I was not the only female who showed up.”
“I repeatedly apologized to you. I assumed you were into threesomes.”
“Now that you know I’m not, can I be excused; I really do have work that needs my immediate attention.”
Bradley touched Artesia’s cheek with the back of his hand.
“You will be a great wife to me someday; smart, beautiful, all the right political connections, and sizzling loving that could melt an iceberg.”
“I would be in my office.”
“You do know today is my birthday?”
“Happy Birthday Bradley.”
“How about a kiss for the birthday boy.”
“It’s not going to happen.”
“Please, since I will enjoy my own company tonight.”
Artesia bit down on her lower lip.
“One kiss, and one kiss only.”
Bradley loosened the briefcase from Artesia’s hand, and laid it flat on his desk. He lifted her purse chain-strap from off her shoulder blade and slid it down her arm. He placed it on top of her briefcase.
Artesia’s palms moistened.
The man’s tongue alone was a missile within itself.
Bradley tilted Artesia’s face upward. He descended his lips, and then inched them back.
Artesia moved her lips forward, gaining control of her conquest.
Bradley’s tongue swindled past the barrier of her lips.
Bradley pulled Artesia’s body closer. He cupped her buttocks, giving them a firm shake. He fed off her skin with his lips.
“You miss me? You miss my dick inside of you.”
Bradley kissed the outline of Artesia’s breasts; he kissed a hardened nipple.
Artesia lifted her bent leg; she rubbed it up and down the side of Bradley’s leg.
Bradley lifted Artesia’s feet from off the carpet. He walked over to his desk and sat her down on it. He took off his suit jacket and tossed it over his leather desk chair.
Artesia loosened Bradley’s silk brown tie, slid it from around his neck, and tossed it on the carpet.
Bradley unbuttoned his shirt, and quickly took it off. He laid it beside Artesia’s thigh.
“Like old times, huh.”
“This time with a sexual twist.”
Bradley took off his shoes and straightened his posture. He reached down and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped the button, and then unzipped his pants. He pushed his pants and briefs down to his ankles.
Artesia unbuttoned her suit jacket and took it off; she tossed it over Bradley’s suit jacket. She slid off the desk, lifted her skirt, and pushed her thong down her legs. She stepped out of it, and then lifted her bra. She perched herself back on the edge of his desk.
Artesia looked down at Bradley’s enormous erect penis.
“I see some things never change in size.”
“With you around, I don’t blame the size of this thing.”
Bradley winked at Artesia. He palmed his manhood, dipped his knees, and gradually steered it inside the dampened crater.
Artesia took a deep breath.
“Aah...take your time.”
The widen stretch always felt uncomfortable, until his dick moistened her pussy walls.
Artesia pulled Bradley to her and kissed over his neck.
“Ooh baby, I’ve missed this, I’ve missed you taking rein of my emotions.”
Artesia lightly bit the side of Bradley’s neck. She suckled the reddish mark.
Bradley palmed the sides of Artesia’s face, inched it back, and looked down into her eyes.
“Is something wrong?”
“I want more; dammit, I refuse to indulge in your wicked erotic office intervals.”
“We could always terminate this.”
Artesia softly pushed Bradley’s chest back.
“Woo, not so fast.”
“I thought you’ll see it my way.”
Artesia reached down and fingered Bradley’s dick; she stroked the base unmercifully.  She looked up into his eyes.
“And you were saying.”
“Nothing in a minute.”
Bradley lifted Artesia from off his desk.
Artesia wrapped her legs around his back.
Bradley lowered Artesia to the carpet.
“ Come on now, you know how this works.”
“Dammit baby, you’re not fucking anyone else, are you?”
“No, but still.”
Bradley withdrew his dick and stood. He walked around his desk and pulled the top desk drawer out. He lifted a condom pack, ripped it open, and removed it. He sheathed himself and allowed the foil pack to tumble out his hand.
Bradley dropped his presence to the floor. He sunk his tongue into the hollowness of Artesia’s inverted navel. His tongue danced up her abdomen. He kissed her neck, and then her lips. He suckled under her breast, and glided his tongue over, and then around the nipple.
“Uum, I see you have not lost your touch.”
Bradley inched his face back and looked down into Artesia’s eyes.
“Tesia, I’ve missed you so much.”
“Show me.”
Artesia separated her legs. She palmed Bradley’s buttocks and pulled the bulk of his weight against her body.
Bradley rubbed his dick up and down the slit of Artesia’s stream of pleasure. His dick slowly inched inside.
“Bradley…your dick...”
Artesia took a deep breath. Her body tensed up.
“Let it go baby,” he whispered in her ear.
Bradley rose up and palmed the carpet. He bent his head downward and kissed Artesia on her lips.
Artesia opened her legs wider.  
The dome head of Bradley’s dick met resistance. He withdrew it, spit on his hand, and rubbed it over the helmet of his manhood. He repositioned Artesia’s body under his, palmed his dick, and eased it inside.
“Oh yes baby much better.”
Artesia rested her palms on Bradley’s chest and tossed her pelvis up and down.
“Oh yes, you know how I like it.”
Artesia held onto Bradley’s lower back.  
“You are so beautiful and erotically wicked.”
Bradley’s dick agitated her pussy within.
“Oh baby, your pussy, is tight, and….and good.”
“Umm you do know how take care of my office interludes handsome.”
Artesia leaned her head forward and licked up and down Bradley’s chest. The back of her head graced the carpet. She linked her arms around Bradley’s neck.
Bradley fiercely double-pumped Artesia’s pussy.
Artesia stuck her tongue out.
Bradley leaned his face downward and kissed the tip. He wiggled his tongue against hers and sucked on it.
Artesia moved her pussy madly; physically interlocking the feeling of him suckling her tongue and driving his dick inside of her.
Artesia covered Bradley’s mouth with hers.
Bradley backed his body up and stabbed his dick inside her.
“I…love you…Artesia...”
Artesia placed her palms over Bradley’s buttocks, and mashed them downward.
The feeling of his dick slivering inside her womanhood, fed the corporal compulsion of her pussy, like medication.  
And why did she break the relationship off with him four years ago she thought?
“Tell me you love me Artesia, like you use too.”
“I…I...I love you.”
Bradley’s semen filled the condom.
“Damn, I did not want to bust this nutt inside of you so soon. Shit, just give me one more drop.”  
Bradley leaned his head downward and kissed Artesia’s lips.
Artesia arched her back.
“Keep moving baby.”
Artesia gripped Bradley tighter. She rested her face against the side of his face. Her vaginal muscles walloped against the side of his shaft.
Bradley inched back.
“That’s right; let me see those beautiful eyes bust that cum all over this dick while I’m inside of you.”
Artesia’s climax took precedence over his brook of semen. She arched her body to escape her trembling body movements.
“Oh yes...”
Bradley moved his dick inside of Artesia’s wet pussy.
“Damn your tight pussy is star-rated, for any sexual dalliances we ever come upon.”
“I must agree.
Bradley kissed the sheen populating Artesia’s nose.
Artesia leaned upward and planted kisses to Bradley’s chest.  She rubbed her hand over the back of his head, down his neck, onto his upper back. Her fingertips skidded down the alignment of his spine.
Bradley’s body juddered in response.
Artesia hugged Bradley to her body.
“I see you still have the fever for this, me.”
Bradley inched back and caught Artesia’s eyes. He looked at her lips.
“I’ve missed what we use to have.”
Bradley kissed Artesia on the lips, and then nudged her nose.
“Please have dinner with me tonight.”
“I have other…”
“I’ve agreed to keep our relationship platonic after it ended, but today is my birthday. I’m sure you could make this one exception.”
‘Come home with me tonight, no pressure, I only want to wake up lying next to you in the morning.’
Artesia remembered Tristano’s plea for her company.
“Can I get back to you on that?”
“After lunch, I’m in your office.”
“Yes sir.”
“You’re not seeing anyone, are you?”
“Are you?”
“No, however, I’m casually dating.”
“In other words, sampling the mixture, until the right concoction meets your approval.”
Bradley laughed.
“You could always see through my bullshit.”
“What are friends for?”
“Since you have been given the low-down on my marital status. Let’s hear yours.”
“I have a virile and handsome prospect in mind.”
Bradley’s expression turned to stone.
“Anyone I know.”
Bradley inched his flaccid manhood out of Artesia’s pussy and stood. He removed the condom and dumped it inside the trash-bin. He pulled his pants and briefs up, zipped his pants, buttoned the button, and then buckled his belt. He walked over to the window and looked down at the stirring population below.

So much for assistance she thought
Artesia sat up and stood. She pulled her bra down and lifted her thong from off the carpet; she stepped into it and slid it up her legs. She straightened her skirt and walked around Bradley’s desk. She lifted her suit jacket from off the chair, put it back on, and buttoned it. She lifted her purse and briefcase from off his desk.
“How long have you been seeing this guy,” Bradley tossed over his shoulder.
Artesia turned to face Bradley’s back.
“I hardly think that’s relevant. Our relationship ended four years ago. As you stated earlier, our sexual liaisons function as platonic only.”
Bradley turned to face Artesia.
“Let the record show that was your decision four years ago to break off our relationship. And If I recall, I asked you to marry me prior to your acceptance into law school.”
“As always, you couldn’t make up your mind where I stand in your life, and now, you still know how I feel about you, yet, you continue to place my feelings on a back burner.”
The truth does hurt she thought.
“Bradley, I will be in my office.”
“Dammit Artesia! Why can’t you just once talk shit out with me?”
“Because the end results will be the same. We had our time together, and it was very good while it lasted, but let’s face the fact, it’s over.”
“Ain’t this about a motherfucka! I have a condom with my sperm inside it, over there in a fuckin trash-bin, and as always, you dismiss my presence so damn quickly.”
“I’ll see you later, Mr. Morris.”
Artesia strolled to the door and stopped.
“You may want to check your bottom drawer when you get a minute.”  
She unlocked the door, reached for the doorknob, and twisted it. She pulled the door open and walked out his office.
Bradley walked to his desk and sat. He pulled open his bottom drawer and lifted a case file; he placed it on his desk. He smiled at the black jewelry box lying over a card. He removed both and pushed the drawer close.
Bradley looked at the door. He opened the envelope and slid the card out. He read it and smiled to himself.
PS, I know you’ve wanted these for such a long time. Happy Birthday Bradley, my first love.
Love you Tesia.

Bradley placed the card on his desk. He opened the jewelry box.
A pair of solid gold initialed cufflinks, and an antique pocket watch sat idly by.

“When I make it as an attorney in my law practice. I want those.”
“Which one Mr. Dreamer?”
“Those solid gold cufflinks, with my initials on them, and that nice antique pocket watch. Imagine a brotha wearing a pocket watch.”
“When you become a powerful attorney like your father, it would be appropriate.”
“Yeah, and my beautiful wife at my side.”
“Princeton is a long way from Harvard.”
“Wherever I end up, I’ll make sure you are right there beside me.”

He remembered the two kissed so slow and tenderly, and then walked away from the jewelry store display window.
Bradley smiled to himself.  
The memories of that day felt like it was yesterday. How in the fuck do you prove to a woman that you still love her?
“Never give up,” he mumbled in the quietness of space.
I have a virile and handsome prospect in mind.’
“Yes, me dammit, and I will be damn if I let another man intrude upon that.”
Artesia entered her office. She placed her briefcase and purse on top of her mahogany desk.
Her desktop intercom buzzed.
She walked around her desk, sat down, and pressed the intercom button.
“This is Artesia, how can I help you?”
“Thank you, baby.”
Artesia smiled.
“I have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about.”
“Since you do not know, I will explain it to you over dinner tonight.”
“Friends remember.”
“Yes, with benefits.”
Bradley smiled when he did not get an instant reply.
“I’ll be over to pick you up at seven o’clock. I hope I’m not being too presumptuous, to ask you to wear my favorite color.”
“I think I have several pieces of midnight blue lingerie lying around somewhere.”
“I love you Tesia.”
“Back at you. Now birthday boy, I have a deposition to proofread.”
“I’ll see you later.”
“Okay, but only because it’s your birthday.”
“Fair enough.”
Artesia released the intercom button.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A chapter out of one of my many novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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