This loneliness, has seeped inside my bones.
It's only wish, to diminish where i've grown.
Hold me in bliss, until i find my home.
I'll wait no more...
I'll wait no more.
Routinely sore.
I've never known what to do with myself.
What i have shown, to disguise mental health.
A broken core, hidden from any help.
With silent sighs,
Disguise these eyes,
So that they may not burden anyone else.
In a glorious reign, it will suddenly capsize.
Pouring down the drain, such pain to realize.
But i must not venture out into the setting Sun.
Mind withered in drought, before the day is done.
It's better to burn out, then fade away.
The music is turned down, nothing else to say.
i never learned how, they could always play.
Violence of silence.
Surprises from migraines.
In hopes the light will fade.
Choking on the air, that wants no part of our exchange.
Nothing personal there, i feel exactly the same way.
Repress my cares, as if something unaware's  to blame.
i once was blind,
But now i see,
The blame is me.
Run away all night, just to escape the day.
My lungs collapse, gravity brings me down to stay.
My heart attacks; depression in tidal waves.
Baptized in shame.
Anoint the pain.
Snuff the flame.
Sahara eyes, end the oasis abruptly.
Self betrayed, here i'll wait once more.
Lack of energy comprised, despite my wanting.
It's harder now to open up than ever before.
Bending over backwards here in Limbo.
Routinely sore.
Digging at the holes within my brain.
Burrowing uncontrolled and uncontained.
Tunneling my vision until i cave.
Sorrow within my hands, reminds me of... nothing.
Each bend weaved within a blank stare.
With a sudden blink, emptiness comes flooding.
A masterclass performance-
-everyone seems unaware.
Outdated hatred leads to frustration.
Overrated patience leaves me anxious.
Synthetic symbiosis with no emotion.
Pathetic devotions in false atonement.
But instead i worry of Atlas.
When's the last time anyone has checked on the Titan?
For if his burdens should reduce him,
Perhaps then, i'm no longer human.
And what's the point of all of it now?
Answer given and i still don't know how.
i swear silence has never been this loud.
This loneliness has turned me into stone.
My only wish, is uninherited and alone.
Give me a kiss, until i find my own.
Routinely sore...
Routinely sore,
i'll wait no more.
Written by DCLXVI_1989 (Garrett Asa Hughes)
Author's Note
Weight of the Wor[L]d
Nihilist in Apathy
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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