The Boy Who Cried Love

There was once a boy with a twisted mind,
An empty shell inside, but outside he seemed fine.
So he goes through life bending people to his will,
Heíll say he loves you so convincingly, youíll believe that itís real.
The boy wore a mask, painted with a beautiful smile, one that never reached his eyes,
He changes his masks when need be, to suit the situation, and the time.
The boy was beautiful, and he was well aware,
Add charm and charisma, he thrives from the pair.
He displays qualities heís learned by watching others over time,
Able to put on an act so well, you wonít notice his dark mind.
He mimicks his victims, projecting the things they want to see,
Anything the victim needs or wants, heíll pretend to be.
He suffocates them with his very presence, and takes up every second of their day,
They think theyíve hit the jackpot, not knowing that soon enough theyíll pay.
Soon they learn that nothing the boy does really comes for free,
So while theyíre thinking of a future, heís thinking, ďwhatís in this for me?Ē
If you look close enough you get a peek at the monster lurking in his eyes,
But the boy plays his role so well, his dark nature comes to most as a surprise.
Living with no conscience, is how he moves day to day,
Manipulative and untrustworthy is simply his way.
Beware the boy with the mask, heís not what you think,
Donít trust the boy that cries love, he IS quicksand & you will sink.
Once you sink, heíll slither away like a snake, and heíll feel no shame,
Remember that he has no conscience, so donít expect him to share any blame.
So he wears his mask with the pretty smile, doing damage he canít undo,
With him, no love exists, and people are only tools for his personal use.
Listen to this warning, and pray to the lord above
That you never fall victim to the boy who cried love.
Written by Oslynray (Rosalyn)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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