Mum Sample!

On mummy day we just jubiliate..    
On mummy day we don't barricade..  
On mummy day we don't infiltrate..  
On mummy day we post no bille..    
On mummy day we don't replay..
I stand by the north    
12 o'clock..    
Behind my back south    
6 o'clock..    
From the right east    
3 o'clock..    
By the left west    
9 o'clock..    
With this tears how we pay..    
Volunteer for replay..    
Inside the mind we foreplay..    
Outside the mind afterplay..    
It's free world mummy play..    
Don't mind the time use your delay..    
There must be something you replace..    
In all colonies we populate..    
All prepaid plans that we pay..    
All postpaid plans we downplay..    
This only shows how we miscalculate..    
I don't know why we barricade..    
Only on alert we refrain..    
At sunshine I make my hay..
I joke around everyday..    
Go ask around low I lay..    
Simple we keep it that is the way..    
Don't boss around me am not at bay..  
Rarely am denied from open play..    
Don't bomb blast me coz I lay..    
I strike aback I don't delay..    
All that matters is what Mum say..
Goal is wide open lay me play..    
Lay me up I will make a play    
Mummy play until holyday..    
It's time to shine mum no delay..    
For every claim I proclaim..    
I wanna live to dominate..    
Just don't smile coz I formulate..    
I strike aback as I prepare..    
I dominate since I figured my sample play..   Mammy relay free is the way..    
Don't pull on your brakes mammy race..    
In our bloods we coagulate..    
So physically we sophisticate..    
Race all along we post no bille..    
With such a grace Ma display..    
Mum you the color of my ray..
Mum this is your sample play..    
Mummy play just for today..    
Mum you claim coz you proclaim..    
Am not a devils advocate..    
If you delay..    
I will relay..    
Mummy say no foreplay..    
Only to God how far I flow..    
To just wake up is hopefully..    
I only play after I pray..    
Mummy could tell before l blink..    
Mummy blow before we clay..    
Only The Cleverest will not clay..    
Mummy claw before we delay..    
I will ignite mummy clutch..    
I will engineer mum accelerate..    
I will lit the fire mum set it blaze..    
When mum quantify I qualify..    
I don't know this your chamber flow..    
Mum please play your sample flow..    
Mum let's play before horn blow..    
Mum keep me close before we close..    
Mumy please sit on your throne..    
In God's glory you keep ur throne..    
Mum you will never get dethroned..    
Mum you will never get destroyed..    
I wanna bow before you dose..    
I don't wanna ride before you close.    
Mummy chill lay before horn blow..    
With only mummy I clutch..    
Mummy face is my wall clock..    
Everything they asked me Ma o'clock..    
Shuffle around me Mummy claw..    
Topple aside me Mummy clutch..    
Mammy you earned this hall mark blow..    
Mammy you earned this title throne..    
On mummy day we just jubiliate..    
On mummy day we don't barricade..    
On mummy day we don't infiltrate..    
On mummy day we post no bille..    
On mummy day we don't replay..
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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