Carbonated Water pt. 2


The air is a festering festival of frenetic physics;
It rattles like a pair of maracas
Ceaselessly and silently screaming
And at a young age, you can hear the high pitched whine
Of what?
The air!
The air. It is suffocating and it is invigorating
It is wild and wonderful
It is insane.
It is always screaming
I do not know why.

Then, of course, we breathe the air
And we do not have the Ocean to be our depth
Instead, we are provided a spectacular and far reaching disply of the opposite:
The celestial sphere.
Stars and planets
Many of them dead and dying
Many invisible now due to the city light
But why did we deny ourselves the light and blind it with our own?
We are provided instead of buoyancy
We are given weight and a sort of leaden duty
We are given weight!
We are, from the moment we are birthed,
We look up to our parents
We look to the sky and
We cry and we are afraid of being dropped.
We look up and we see the past
We are provided with no gripping stone
No water.

The air is sweet and laced with toxins
The air envelops us like the water
But it makes itself known only in its absence.
When the asthmatic chokes
When you drown
When you are strangled
The air we breathe is then denied
And you die.

The air allows for the mitigated transfer of substance.
It is classifed as a fluid, but it is not water.
Interestingly, water vapor can become the air
You can breathe the water
Though it is thick and difficult
We are not sea creatures;

The air can carry spores from the mushroom
And life can fly,
Birds deposit seed on new lands,
Dandelions float on the breeze,
Maple seeds are designed to catch and contort the air.

And then the air has this quality:
Cordoned off from one another but
It still transmits our voice
Though at a closer range than miles,
Like the whales.
Of course, we fester in our separation.
With no water to grip us,
The mind is allowed huge amounts of individuality
And we are microcultures all by ourselves,
And sometimes it is encroached:
The air allows for the transmittance
Of abuse and insult
It allows the hand to connect
And it allows harm

In this way it is much like the water;
For the shark senses with nose sensors
The blood and life of another fish
From hundreds of feet away
In order to hunt and kill.
The predator (man) can use his long eyes (binoculars, or maybe a telescope, or maybe a camera)
To track and find his fish
In a similar sense.

The air is not freeing
It is the world's prison
But maybe not
But sometimes it feels like that
Great canvas of the clouds and
Heavenly bodies,
I feel small, because I am small,
The universe cracked open for view
Through the nothingness of air and clear
I view the ancients,
We're all just reformulated carbon;

Floating in the form of smoke
Where there's smoke, there's fire,
When we first discovered fire, what is that?
What is fire?
Well, it is the heated reaction of carbon release
Chemical reaction, irreversible,
But again:
What is fire?
It is the illumination of air and gas;
Different noble gases mixed in may change the color,
The air is fire.
Fire cannot burn without air,
Because the air is the fire.
And many things can put out a fire,
One of them is water,
But I find minimal significance in this specific point
Because a rock can put out a fire too.

Written by asbr808 (Anthony R)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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