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Sorry Girls, Those Boys? They Aren't Ever Worth Your Future

Fourteen, fifteen
sixteen, seventeen
eighteen, nineteen,
twenty to twenty one
and everyone else
who's new to this scene
we call mainstream love-

More like toxic monogamy,
Hollywood stalking mistaken as love
and media depictions of abuse
portrayed as affection and how
"it's meant to be"

Girls are growing and learning,
taking on fields once dominated
by men

Women no longer care about pleasing
the gender that oppressed,
beat, destroyed, and silenced
their mothers, grandmothers,
and so many others

Love, my advice is to keep evolving
because you don't need men
you need education and to start breaking
the iron fist men have over the careers
you dream of having someday

And no, this ain't a mysandrist rant
but it sure as fuck is what you young girls
need to hear the most right now

Yep, I fucking said it
screw those hormonal surges
screaming at you to kiss the nearest frog
you're a queen, not a pauper
he's the enemy at your castle gates
seeking entrance to implant his damage
and laugh at the aftermath with his friends

These boys will dump you for a rock
and clump your worth with objects
they can play and trade like
you're some kind of game
they can let turn to dust
on their shelf

(And even if you aren't eighteen)
They'll deepfake your pictures
and blackmail for your compliance
they'll share your nudes on the web
and despise our whole gender
when women come back
and make them look like a fool
after making money off it

Your images shared without consent
you can now turn into copyright
(If you do it right and are of legal age)
and soon they realize blackmail
through sharing images of your body,
your bare naked ass, tits, and vagina
has no power anymore,
It's simply a business promotion
for you

If they want your body but not your heart
they want your time, but not your art
they better cough up the money
since they think you're something to buy

From the day they're born
they're taught that girls are a conquest,
they're taught to weaponize the words
slut, bitch, whore, cunt
and when they lose the power
of what they think was a "hunt"
they want to play the victim
and point their dirty fingers
right back at us

Unfortunately for them
none of those words
are hurtful anymore

Oh and you may say
"but not all boys,
not all men-"

Sweetheart, the above excuse
is made to dismiss
the statistic of our gender suffering
to their suffocating, smothering
oppressing tongues and fists
taught to crush your lungs
and break your wrists

If you can't name five men off the top
of your head you can trust then
"not all men" is the laziest,
most ridiculous argument
I have ever heard

Your worth is not based
on the amount of babies you can pop out
for some stupid man in some stupid house
being his live-in servant and made to think
your silence is some sort of virtue

You have more life to give than that
and you can take whatever "life"
implanted inside you and take it away too

Men covet our power to give life
and are terrified..

because with the power to create life
comes the power to take it away

You, my dear
have all the power
because a fetus is not a baby
it's a parasite until you decide it isn't
and only then.. does it become life

And being told to bear children
in this dumpster fire of an economy
is the same as putting a fish in a tree
and telling it to breathe

And let's never forget
saying no to a boy can leave you
dead in a ditch, raped in your own home
or even shot through the head

This is why you're taught to hold your keys
like a weapon when you're walking alone
this is why you're taught
to aim for the eyes, the nose, the throat
to scream and claw and bite but..

Isn't it funny how..
they don't teach you to kill?
because his reputation and life
is more important than yours

I'm telling you right now..


He can't testify if he's 6 feet in the dirt

Become the names he calls you
and wear it like armor
no man can hurt you, manipulate
or abuse you if they realize you
have all the power now


It's 2020
no grown ass woman
gives a flying fuck
about what men want

we're fighting back
and you know what?

We're winning

Written by fieryangelsouljia (M6rr6g6n)
Author's Note
This is to all the young girls new to the world outside of their parents home and new to "love"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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