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The lustful lizard with a tail / without a tail

Hello Jack,
It’s me, I’m back;
Remember the one who left you his empty rucksack?
The one who parted with unfilled pockets full of dreams
Remember the hymn we sang at the Electric Circus
“Born to be wild” while the fish swam in Lion Lagers
And those very torn jeans bore a wondering spirit
One that trailed the moon and the faded stars,
Till the soul of my wandering feet bled,
Then sat I down - took a drag of Marzhins’ Swazi joint.
Exhaled hated clouds, barbed wire fences and putrid trenches
Here I learnt to share the distant gaze and the empty horizon.
Mastered the art of never too give up.
I sat on the desolate side of a wet dream
and watched
As a mocking lizard without a tail, flashing passed, halted and smiled.
Staring into his reptile lenses, felt like a silent scream.
A dragon emissary of some perverse slouch, and headed off.
Headed off on down the road! Born to roam………

It was spring
I had just come round the corner
‘nd an alien chimera under my tongue exclaimed..
FUCK ME!..... It’s ALICE, the refugee from Wonderland
In a miniskirt shorter than Freud’s complexes, she stands
In fishnet stockings and 6 inch stilettos, sobbing she tells me -
The white rabbit pawned off his gold watch, to take her naked
To a quadrille where Don Juan introduced her to a feminine friend - Cocaine
What an orgy! The March Hare, the Caterpillar and all the debauchery of fame
Even the golden watch stopped counting the seconds of coming in age
The white rabbit then pimped her when she lost a round of strip poker
The adulterous queen of hearts betrayed the king o’clubs w/ a Joker
Alice - was now condemned to being a sex maniac, consequences of a card game

It was almost light as we shared the last drop of absinthe in the Goblet

Taking me by the hand she leads me in a circumference up some stairs in Hillbrow
It’s after all her pain that Alice allows me to fall into her magic mushroomed hole
Sounds of Tribe after Tribe, moving up and down, frantically in the heat
And friction of our coupling, in this aftermath - it’s here.
I meet the 4 scented nymphs of vice - Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll.
In Morning she expelled me from this Eden and so
I became the happiest creature to journey these sensations.

That hot summer, the rain forgot to come
A leguaan tongue flicked the air simulating or looking for Miss Cunnilingus
Leaving Africa, headed to the old continent my head filled wild nostalgias.
A decade plagued by disease and curses, in fear we creamed genes into latex
Transcontinental vapor trails, the sky, worn out cobblestone roads, back tracks and alleys
In North, Central and South America always leading me to forbidden pleasure dens.
In the Caribbean along the epoch conquistador sea routes I found a Happy Camp.
Where I met the merry maidens, the snake charmers w/ numbering skills
They taught me that everything counts, and is counted on this insane peregrination
This is the faculty of razor wire, where I graduate with the prowess of traded fornication
Catholic loud haler summoned the sex lodge tenants to transoceanic calls – coitus interruptus

Years wore the charm off the song of youth, but still I kept humming it softly
Stripping to neon rhythm of “Hotel California” AH ! Shaved slot. Open sesame
Many are descendants of the Macondo wars, we calculate, right angles and azimuths
Focus on the missionary position and her silken opened legs, called it geometry
Shuffled numbers made deals and came to agreements, like scented patchouli
Mirrors on the ceiling, mirrors on the wall, mirrors in my brain a shattered volley
Ferine coitus, electric frenzies of feeding the carnal relish perfumed the caliginosity.
My phallus freed another generation into her warm depths to quench and temper our lust.
In a forge where ancient smiths would have crafted the finest scimitars
To free the slaves from the lecherous dollar chains and the digital signal o’ sat TV.
But today she fucks for plastic - Nike, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Doc Johnson + Sony
These pestilent pearls she chooses to ghastly disfigure her natural jungle voluptuousness
I have yet to revel in this Jamaican weed or the vile iguana soup on this dead coral outcrop.

When Autum came around
The blade was sharper than before, yet more brittle with a refined edge
The antennae connected my brain to the sharper notes of a Purple Haze
Their essence rang clearer in me. I was still going up and coming down

I lost track of the reptile and followed in all hexadecimal directions.
Till a trajectory took me and I became converted into an ancient way farer
Who just treaded on thru the tracks of those forgotten others forsaken.
It did not matter I was still young, time was there to spare without rendition
Strength replaced knowledge; fear was an adrenaline rush, an ejaculation
We came in colours, went in hues, she sighed in symphonies, cried in medleys
As we melted into a cocktail of violence, mixed on a bed, served w/ fervour.
Living by the cold steel of the blade, the judge dictates - that’s not a flick knife,
That’s a fucking sword! by which goddess you will rave the freedom of being?
It did not matter we were unseasoned, so we marched up and down the lanes.
I became the apprentice of a bayonet science sinking hard lengths
Into open wounds that no longer bled, but drained my heated hardness
and annealed the yearning of a lustful thirst, we drank and drank. Maudlin!
There were an entire diety of new Dianas, Adas, Alisons and other in betweens
We perfected ancient mixes of Dionysian vines celebrating rituals of Bachus

Let me tell you a tale, of the time I met Little red riding hood
in a Colombian motel room, slipping out of her knickers
and out of her mind, spread eagled she pointed her Perspex heels
at the milky way, laying out the finest picnic spread for the famished
Sucking the magic of fuckmanship out of Goldilox the stiff bear
And later that evening we fucked till sparks flew asunder
‘Nd turned the lascivious night into another virgin dawn
Where the priest tolls the bell on a traitored church tower
Summons the pagans; evokes the new mob to communion
With the gods of opium, forgiving the sins of the religious
He blesses the old satyrs fornication with hallowed words.
Add up your visa sky miles and sum your pleasured murky inches
And so ends the fairytale, of a seafarer lost in the desert sands
Punda! the drawbridge opens and splits the Island in 2 halves
So carefully told by the by the hemp smoking Rastaman,
Visions kindled and screenplayed by another son of the road.

The winter came and froze me beyond cold
I have burned all my books, my records, sold my religion and consumed the drugs.
After snorting a continuous line, that marks the center and splits the two
To recall a time I wore foolish satin tailored robes ‘nd sang fashioned melody
Inspired by liquors that had made past heros get bogged in the reveille
I passed the broken sphinx sifting through the shards of his last riddle
To meet the tailless lizard again, he now has a newer ‘nd longer tail,
Casually gliding past showing off how time redeemed his trailing extreme
I envy you! true progeny of nature, you prey and are preyed upon - Provision
And all I have a new set of bolts and some titanium, an urge for an explosion.
Technology they call it, designed navigation of the cardinal points so frail
Solved the riddle finally
Me. I say, FUCK IT!. Me.
Had it not been for pussy; none would be here……….

Written by JHA
Author's Note
A journey thru life
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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