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Naked Inhibitions

Standing naked on a draped white sheet  
The silkiness caressing my body, draped down to my feet  
In front of your eyes where I pose under your command  
Your eyes softly caressing my skin as I stand  
Paint me with the tenderness within your eyes  
Fill me in softly as your palate of colors shall meet upon my curvaceous outline  

My colored favorite lipstick stained your dick, a wanton sacrifice
Paint the sweetness of my sugar and spice and everything nice  
Mm… close your eyes  
Paint me in a land far away from time  
Where my sugar and spice,  
And the taste of me off your tongue is so nice  
In my nakedness, my body yearling, for an entwined entice  
Between your teeth, you roll over my skin a cherry cube of ice  
Mm… moving the veil of my hair aside  
Whispering in my ear from behind, would you like me to ease inside  
An appetite for a lengthen golden shower  
Soft body in the line of its draining hard tower  
Lust and dominance felt under its submissive power  
Bathing within a stream of glory in the midnight hour  
Hot wax drippings up and down my back  
Oh God what a feeling when the tongue chases the carnal knack  
Pain and pleasure colliding  
Cries and soft whimpers coinciding    
Ecstasy breathing unto my sultry needs  
Oh sweet mercy, silent fetishes beyond the strip tease  
The addiction outweighs the cry of such a beautiful release  
Praying unto salvation of such wicked and twisted sins    
The eleventh commandment given unto passion as time begins  
Bodies surrendering as forbidden desires slithers in  
Back graced upon a silken covered bed    
Blindfolded, horse collar, wrists handcuffed, arms stationed above my head  
Legs in haste spread  
Back arched awaiting from the sinking feeling of my wet pussy being hungrily sup  
Hot honey idle in a China cup  
My darkest obsession slowly poured all over my skin  
Drawing my breath in  
Fingers caressing my body as playing the melody of a violin  
At the throne of passion  
Body to body giveth of wishes in any fashion  
Lifting my hips my cunt worshipping  unto his mouth  
Encompassing tongue funneling into the wetness of my South  
Dipping his tongue deeper into the fountain of youth    
Licking up and down the divinity of my Sacral and Chakra root  
My sweeten pussy juices staining his tongue  
Drools streaming down his chin, savoring the taste of my gushing cum  
Darting a finger in my tighten space  
Smearing my creamy trickles under his nostrils over his face  
Tasting the coating of my butter rum sticky icky  
Covers clenched, moaning for mercy with each heightened craved licky licky  
Flames igniting the longing of my pussy wick  
Sinking and drowning his girth deep, withdrawing to the tip circling his hard width  
Hammering deeper and deeper in the essence of my honey abyss  
Oh please don’t stop...  
Wrapping my legs around his ankles, his thrusts kissing my g-spot  
Toppling a pillow of soft cushion  
Mm…oh yes... my buttocks cupped for the hard pounding, pulling, and soft pushing  
Ooo…baby, yes … don’t move  
Surrendering in ecstasy behind his plummeting grooves  
Back scratched, moans echoed in the height of pleasure  
Oh…yes…yes… his family jewels raiding the goods of my sunken treasure  
Mm…his pearly flow and there it goes  
Oh…faster… oh… my climax coveting his throbbing dick in tow  
Two bodies infused, panting, breathless, sheets drenched  
Woo…satisfied  trying to catch our breath, asunder, and now content    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.

Marquis de Sade
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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