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Seduced By The Night

Black is the night the full moon illuminates as it hangs
Metamorphosis of me from human seductress to descending fangs    
Prowling the lush great lands      
In search for the taste of man's virility, bedding him where he stands      
Carnal salvation, siphoning the trickling of his blood      
My master I feast upon, the red river of death, draining him in the name of immortal love      
His throbbing veins, drinking the fountain of his generational bloodline my nightly food      
In the cathedral of the afterlife my body, sleeker, hungrier, anew      
Drips of my blood ravished from the beast      
In the abyss of damnation, we entwine upon the meet      
The Queen of the thirteenth element, the suspension of immoral of ether's principles      
Blurred lines for the mind, takes its toll, give into the temptation, it's so simple      
The passage of rite when eyes wide shut has bargained the soul      
My earthy concubines grovel at my feet, gives them power to infiltrate as seductive words flow      
The dividing of my thighs, nations of tongues softly licking my sacred creed      
From the yearns, the appetite of my mouth, my tongue, satisfies in threes      
Fingers, hands, mouth I bestow to the 33rd degree      
Craving for the justice of my pleasures, within my chi      
Wicked entities bow until the prince of darkness, a sphere where hellish souls reside      
No cosmic alliance we look upon to console      
Stealing souls on the edge of LIMBO      
The silent whispers on the wind you hear      
The shadowy figure in the corner, who leers      
Shh... listen carefully my dear, have no fears      
The swirls of fog rendering you helpless, the soft touch you feel, cannot see      
Cumming from the astral plane of my silken glove, your drippings stirring deep inside me      
Holding me closer for an encore tease, fading after you lift off your knees      
Savoring the flavor when you awaken still tasting that butter rum peach      
Feeling those standing hairs to nape of your neck      
To be mine, sinking my fangs deeper, joining me in the shadows of death      
Unto this moment, your old life remembrance, passion, lust, ecstasy, now worth more than wealth        
My touch, a kiss, no refusal, I give you immortality      
Fetishes coveting of my dual individualities        
Appetite for my Moorish skin      
Poetic hieroglyphics embedded in Egypt, tales of this Queen's lustful sins      
Ancient tongues pleased, endowed from the tease, spillage by the bleed      
Cursed of the moon, into the night I go, my fate foretold        
Flattery, unto you, the toast of my tongue      
You addicted to the pearls and lace of my silken butter rum      
You hear my footsteps, unto your grave, raise      
From your slumber my loyal Lazarus of Kings in the throne of death, my temple praised      
Half mortal from your awaken dreams      
My hypnotic voice to soothe, coax, when penetrating inside my honeyed cream      
My reddish eyes, enticing you at will      
My blood of my moon lavishing swallowing your wet spills      
Sinking deeper inside my bodily thrills      
The flesh of your lips feast upon my hungry quells      
Tonguing me, tasting, as you feel      
Falling under my spell      
No coins to toss, yet bedazzled by my wet wishing well      
Master, come unto me      
Release me from earthly torment as Heavenly rains beautifully ring      
You cannot deny me, as I make virility bodies succumb, then groans of melodies, they sing      
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This beautiful poetic spill is for a DUP poet, who governs by his rules, his laws of the trinity, within the abyss his of soul darkish words he roams, A Hermes in the realm of time, join me my love...
This beautiful poetic spill is for a DUP poet, who governs by his rules, his laws of the trinity, within the abyss his of soul darkish words he roams, A Hermes in the realm of time, join me my love in the obscure of immortality

I tend to shy away from dark poems, but this is fitting for the celebration.. my apologies to my grann for such
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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