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Image for the poem  A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate XLIII

A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate XLIII

Tonight Is The Night Part I
Dublin, Ireland

Dracon’s eyes fluttered open. He bolted to a sitting position. He looked around; he looked down at his nudity.
“What the fuck happened.” He slicked his hand back through his dreads. He remembers walking through the forest and encountering a witch. He could not remember anything beyond that moment.
Dracon tuned his ears. He heard wolves howling in the distance. He jumped off the bed and ran over to the door. He opened it and looked out into the darkness. He looked up at the half-moon. He palmed his cheeks down. He had to find a solution as to how to rescue Naynina.
The deafening sounds of the wolves were getting closer.
Dracon closed the door and looked around the thatch house. He knew Seneca’s men would be callous in their pursuit to bring him to his knees. Dracon flashed over to where the candles decorated the entire small room. He quickly put each one out. He flashed back over to the door and waited for his demise. His fangs descended. His body felt charged, electrified. The blood coursing through his veins felt like a stream of fire.
“Dracon,” a voice called out from deep within the forest
Dracon thought he heard someone with a familiar voice call his name. He opened the door and stepped out into the night. He looked down at his nakedness.
No sword and no damn clothes on, fuck he thought.
Dracon heard rustling in the distance.
“Show your face.”
Dracon’s lieutenant stepped out from behind the bark of a tree.
The remaining Ventrue clansmen stepped out from behind several barks of towering trees.
“I ought to slay all of you, for risking your life in dire consequences such as a private battle. If your presence was needed I would have selected to use your assistance.”
Several of Dracon’s clansmen looked from one to the other.
“A kiss to my fate, but I am all glad you all are here.”
Loud jeering and whistled echoed within the forest.
Each clansman walked up to Dracon and patted him on the shoulder.
“Glad to see you have survived. Word on the streets, the entire Lasombra clan seems to be looking for you. We had to travel the forest under nightfall.”
Dracon looked at his lieutenant.
“How did you find out where I was.”
“Mordecai, he sensed you may need your clan.”
Dracon palmed his cheeks down.
“Dracon, we would not allow you to battle the Lasombra clan without the assistance of your clan. We also made some friends along the way.”
Dracon’s Lieutenant turned around and whistled.
Several wolves appeared out of nowhere. He turned back to face Dracon.
“We are prepared to fight.”
“Then tomorrow, we take our place on the battlefield, and we defend our honor to the death. In the meantime, we take cover until dawn.”
Each clansman flocked into the small thatch house.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels. I will be adding a chapter until the finality of this novel

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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