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 So, Hey there,
I am a pretty successful guy,
when you look around at all my
properties, and my workers who work for me,
in terms of having houses to rent, swiss bank accounts, for my money up yazoo in terms of businesses, and not to mention all those goats and sheep, and fields and caves.

But I digress.

I keep it straight with my God, which is the key to my success.

Well, it has come time for my boy to get himself a wife,
and the girls in the region I have moved to , makes me long for the
pure innocence of my youth. So I am planning on sending my most trusted employee I have, to go back  to my hometown, sorry, not tellin' where it's at,
to go back there and find my boy a wifey. Just to be straight with you, I'm gonna call him my most trusted servant, even tho in these modern times its employee/employer watered down relationships, the people  that work with me, its more like master/servant.

The women of my current town worship many gods,
the God of Facebook, Tick Tock, Twitter, Chanel #5 and so on and so forth.

My son Bart, needs a wholesome woman, with innate, buiild in sincerity,
humility, kindness.   Not easy to find.   There are only a few left in my Town of my youth.

My my most trusted servant is here.    I am requesting a promise from him.
He is going to have my future in his hands.  Whether or not he does right by me, if he keeps his promise, praying to God that he finds a good wife for my son, and doesn't just cheat and pay some L.A. chick two-fifty grand to put up with  my son for a few years, then after I die, my fortunes go to hell , with this bad woman.

So yeah, when he comes and I tell him to promise to earnestly get a wife for my boy, I want him to cup my balls, my testicles in his hands, when he makes the promise.

Just a little personal ritual I go by.
Because, really, he has me by the balls.
Written by rabbitquest
Author's Note
The Bible, book of Genesis, Chapter 24.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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