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Image for the poem A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate XLII

A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate XLII

Spills and Potions
Dublin, Ireland

Dracon slowly opened his eyes. He looked around what appeared to be a thatch house. He inched his torso up.


He leaned his head upward; he looked to each side. He attempted to sit. His arms were restraint by barbered wire to the bed poles. He ankles were also secured to the pole-style footboard.

“Witch come out! You will pay for this detainment!”

No one voice echoed in compliance.

“Dammit, show your face!”

Dracon looked at the bellowing white curtain to the entrance.

A finger with long blackish nails flipped the white curtain back.

Dracon’s eyes were greeted by a pair of white eyes in appearance.

“I suggest you allow me to go on my merry way; if not, you will face my wraith, after I sink my fangs until your bloody neck.”

“Hush, one must keep his strength for combat.”

“For that to happen, I have to be set free.”

“After the ritual, you will be set free.”

Dracon rattled his wrists.


The barbered wire cut into his wrists and began to violently sting.

“That barbered wire is made of silver. The wolf in you, will die, if you continue to move any further.”

“You bitch.”

“I am here to help you and my Naynina.”

“What do you know about my Naynina.”

“More than you know.”

The witch continued to walk around Dracon’s bed. She sprinkled cinnamon around his bed.

Dracon looked down. His iron bed was positioned within a white circled pentagram. He noticed several herbs donned the lower part of his bed.

“What do you plan on doing to me, which would aid my Naynina.”

“All in due time

Dracon rattled his wrists against the bed poles again.

“Fuck me!”

The stinging pain was unbearable; his pores began to sweat.

The witch placed her caldron down on the floor.

“Don’t come near me.”

The witch walked over to where Dracon laid. She checked the barbered wire to his ankle; she then checked a wrist. She walked around the bed and checked the other ankle and wrist. She stood back and removed her clothing.

Dracon turned his head away from the gruesome sight. He felt the bed dip under his weight. He turned to face the witch’s face, which was covered behind a black veil

The witch climbed in between Dracon’s leg

“Get the fuck away from me,” Dracon hissed.

The witch caressed Dracon’s skin.

Dracon noticed the witch’s palms were soft riding up his legs to his thighs.

The witch leaned down and kissed Dracon’s flaccid dick.

“Get…get the fuck away from me.”.

The witch mouthed Dracon’s’ dick.


Dracon’s body twisted behind the intimacy.

The witch bobbled her head up and down the lengthened harden flesh. She kissed around the tip.

Dracon’s closed his eyes.

“Make love to me, Dracon.”

“Naynina,” Dracon whispered.

The witch kissed up Dracon’s body; she kissed under his chin. She gently kissed his lips.

Dracon tasted Naynina’s blood inside his mouth.

The witch flagged both of her palms over the barbered wire restraining Dracon’s wrists.

The barbered wire fell away, falling onto the concrete flooring.

Dracon palmed the witch’s back and kissed the side of her neck. He palmed the back of the witch’s head and brought her face closer. He snatched the veil off, revealing Naynina’s face.

“I need you; don’t you ever leave me again.”

Dracon kissed the witch’s neck. He palmed his dick and inched the witch’s hips up.

The witch slid her vaginal passage down on Dracon’s throbbing manhood.

“Oh…baby, you feel so good inside.”

Dracon palmed the witch’s hips and thrust his dick inside her wet pussy farther. He pulled her body down on top of his, as his head met the mattress.

The witch tenderly kissed Dracon’s neck.

“Let me taste you.”

“Yes…yes,” the witch answered

Dracon’s fangs descended.

“I love you Dracon, what I do, is for you.”

The witch climaxed.

Dracon’s head bobbled back and then forward. He buried his fangs inside the witch’s neck. He siphoned her blood. in thirst

The witch’s body was going numb,

Dracon’s insides began to boil. He tried to retract his fangs. He heard a low pitch laugh.

The witch froze Dracon’s body; she allowed him to drain her blood. Her body was getting weak in the process. She rubbed her palms over Dracon’s hands.

Dracon retraced his fangs. His head hit the pillow. His wrists were instantly restrained to the bed poles. He looked at the woman who he just made love too.

The sight of the witch’s gruesome face and withered body made him turn away from the sight.

“You are now ready for battle.”

The witch slowly lifted from off the bed. She slowly made it over to her cauldron and lifted it. She returned to where Dracon rested. She dipped her palm into the cauldron and pulled it out. She dripped a smelly concoction over Dracon’s entire body

“Please…” The stench reached Dracon’s nose. “What the fuck is that.”

Dracon’s internal being was on fire. A volcanic of energy swarmed throughout his body.

“What are you doing……me.”

Dracon’s eyes closed.

The witch was sorry she had to use the illusion of time traveling within her daughter. Little did Dracon know, he was making love to Naynina, as she used her body as a connecting vessel. She knew had she advised him she needed his blood, he would have denied her and continued to fight the evil force of the Lasombra Clan not properly prepared. She was dealing with a hybrid vampire and wolf; who she knew would have killed her without remorse had he not been restrained by silver.

The witch looked down at Dracon. She placed the cauldron on the table near the bed and chanted over his body.

“Take care of my Naynina; you carry with you the protection of my daughter’s Fairy blood, and now pure witch’s blood. Let fate and strength be to your advantage.”

The witch released Dracon from his retrains. She caressed his cheek.

“I will see you and my daughter in another lifetime.”

The witch said a prayer and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels. I will be adding a chapter until the finality of this novel

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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