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Covid Be Like...

The other dayÖ

As I was standing in the checkout line at the supermarket
Two men started to have a conversation out loud
Suddenly one of them said ďno one can tell me what do
If I want, I can have forty friends come over right nowÖĒ

I bit my tongue, paid for my food, went home and pondered
But then I said fuck it, I couldnít let my mind be at ease
How about if I let Walterís alter ego, my old amigo
Do what he do best, but this time pretend heís the disease

So Covid be likeÖ

I am released when assholes like these think their shit doesnít stink
Having gatherings around this time without seeing the link
Talking about, ďwhatever, whatever, Iíll do what I wantĒ
This prick is gonna feel sick when I drop by all nonchalant

You see, Iíve been commissioned by God and the Devil himself
Along with the Angel of Death unless youíre cheerfully deaf
I donít give a fuck about color, beliefs or social class
But with little punk bitches like you Iíll go hard on your ass

I dare you numskull, throw your party mister smarty pants
So when you and your guests put on the music and start to dance
You will all be feeling good because youíre surrounded by friends
Thatís when Iíll creep on you and spread this pestilence

Though at first I donít show up all scary or frightening and shit
People are all happy, turnt like itís going to be epic and lit
Iíll be like ďhey hey motherfuckers letís get this bash startedĒ
But Death is checking off his list for the future departed

When youíre kissing your girlfriend or spouse or whoeverís around
Iíll enter your lungs and set up a long extended campground
But then I wonít stop there, Iíll go everywhere with your family
Iím a global tragedy, donít you comprehend the gravity?

You wonít feel the symptoms right away but know there are plenty,
Wait a tick dick, what does your mask say? Trump twenty-twenty?
So agent orange told you not to be afraid of the spread
Now I have more work to do because of dummies like you, knucklehead

In about seven to ten days youíll feel a pain in your chest
Then youíll think about that get-together and all of those guests
And when youíre all blue in the face and have a purplish tongues
Donít worry, that prick you feel is just me hard fucking your lungs

Maybe when you feel the pain youíve never ever felt before
Youíll think about your selfish actions for what you said at the store
But Iíll spread to anyone and everyone youíve ever known
Then Death might take them away and you will be left all alone

Hey asshat, Death and I work hand in hand if you donít understand
Society suffers because of idiots like you duped by a con man
Wake the fuck up, wear your mask and maintain social distance
Or else the disease will erase your bitch ass from existence

Wallyroo92, back to youÖ


Thank you, Walterís alter ego, my old amigo

Stay tuned folks, the second wave is coming
Please stay safe, be patient, and have faith we will get through this
Written by wallyroo92
Author's Note
This has been a public service announcement.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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