What is the main reason I say Gorbachev is the AC ??
Well, by ending Cold War he got USA to DISARM drastically - over the last 35 years.
There's been a steady EROSION of our nuke arsenal !!
 For example we had 39 BOOMER submarines.
(In Reagan's time.)
 Now we have 12 subs - but the same number of missile warheads as 11 subs.
So its like we had only 11 subs (even though its 12 subs).
 And coming down to just 11 subs is a really stupid move by our "leaders"
 - with leaders like that who needs traitors.
Our own leaders are close enuff to being traitors !!
 By their ignorance.
Gorbachev has that MARK in the correct place: the forehead and its on the right hand side !!
See Revelation 13.16.
Plus his name adds up to 666(Rev.13.18).
"Gorbachev" by itself adds up to 636.
 But add the initial "M" which =30, and you get 636 + 30 = 666, a PERFECT 666.
Not 667 or 665.
 No, its exactly 666 !!
How you count the letters: use the classic system.
 The first 9 letters are 1,2,3, etc.
Then the next 9 letters= the tens:
10,20,30, etc.
 Finally the rest of the letters= the hundreds: 100,200,300, etc.
Of course you have to use the RUSSIAN alphabet and the Russian spelling of Gorbachev.
 But there are two Russian letters that are twins - count them as just one letter.
 Yes, i am amazed that i am the ONLY guy who has discovered the 666 thing.
This other guy, he tried to get GORBACHEV to = 666.
But Bob Faid was stupid enuff to count the two twins as two different numbers.
 What a jerk !!
 Anyway he wrote a good book, "Has the Real ANTICHRIST Come??"
 - Look it up on Google.
Look under Robert Faid if you have to.

Gorbachev = "Gog, ruler of MAGOG"(Ezekiel 38-39)!! Yes, the Bible (or God) has given us enuff info. But people are "the blind, led by the blind." Matthew 15.14; 23.16,24. Gorbachev didnt just end the Cold War. He knew that the Americans wouldn't be fooled that easily. So in 1987(?) he came to the United Nations building in New York City, giving a major speech in which he promised to no longer crush opposition with force. He HAD TO GET the Eastern Europeans to push for freedom. So that he would be "forced" to give in to their demands. But in reality HE was the one who led them to protest and demonstrate for freedom - by his giving that crazy speech. Anyone should be able to see he deliberately fomented unrest. Just so he could let go of Eastern Europe - to trick the Americans. For withdrawing Russian troops from all Eastern Europe was much more impressive than just ending the Cold War !! But even that was not enough. That's why he arranged for USSR to split up !! All to trick the Americans into DISARMING !! But what good does it do Russia for USA to disarm ??  There's no benefit at all - in peacetime. For whether we have 100 or 1000 missiles, they are all dormant. So the only time it benefits Russia is in WARTIME. Obviously Gorbachev was thinking in those terms - war war war!!! Now you can see just why i say "he is the one." The one and only ANTICHRIST !! There's a lot more to it than that. Daniel 8.25(King James Version) is about the AC. It says, "By PEACE, he will destroy many." That fits Gorbachev very well. He made peace for the purpose of eventually bombing us - "destroying many" Americans !!
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