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That Bitch (The Nun Runner Series Part IV)

Upper Eastside
New York

Ring ring…  
Opening my eyes to my cell phone bird tone morning sing  
Yeah, and who the fuck is this!  
Disturbing my beauty sleep this shit best be legit  
You got one up on me and that’s only because you’re a dick  
My Queen we got some problems coming our way  
I do not know how you got this phone number, lick my cunt and have a ride or die day  
Lifting my cell phone pushing in my G’s numbers, phone up to my ear  
Dammit…I told my crew to remain calm until the poe-poe give up their hot pursuit, without anyone giving into their interrogation fears  
I told you never to contact me once I get back to New York, I’m out  
I passed that shit on to you G, now blaze your lead with some East coast clout  
Ahh… my Queen this shorty I was screwing somehow stole the dope and all the loot  
Bring that shit back to me again, slower, and surely not my investment of my chronic still growing from the roots  
The bitch took that too  
I ought to have your ass taken down  
Cause you one number one nigga, I will contain my glock pop-pop sound  
Where is this bitch being held up at, I need an address, and fucking pronto  
No hoe steals my man, my dope, our defame my name, you know how I get down when I flow  
She’s now running with Lucky and his boys  
Hum... those fuckers got some expensive toys    
Yeah, but we got more  
I’m not trying to bring the streets a turf war  
If need be, I will  
Just how much did this ugly bitch steal  
Ahh… on the real  
Motherfucker, talk and make it quick  
We may have to re-up  
Fuck! I cannot believe this shit  
You fell for an old looking clit, I would not attempt to fuck, even if I had on a plastic dick  
What the hell where you doing, and don’t tell me tripping on some Ex, again  
That dope belongs to a notorious Drug Kingpin  
And it better not had been some nose candy... no nigga who has my back gets high off his own supply    
You bring this shit to my door off a hoe fulfilling a wet dream  
My shit supposed to be secured in Miami, so it would had seemed  
I was waiting for the crew to move it to the warehouse, in case some shit went down  
I think that hoe drugged me… fuck...    
I came through, and she  was nowhere to be found  
What’s the damage, and do I have to get hostile and downright mean    
Five kilos, your seven plants, six zeros, that bitch caught me slipping, my Queen  
You let a cunt do this shit to you  
You fool… you’re no good to me, you know the rules  
Woo…woo… I got you, let me put a cap on this shit  
You know I get the last word with dealing with a backstabbing bitch  
Have the crew to meet me in an hour  
And your bitch ass better bring some fire power  
You got it my Queen  
Stupid motherfucka!
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Fuck You.. and Then Fuck You Again

The Nun Runner
(Production Coming Soon)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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