A Random Rhyme 15

Rockyís back once again so everybody get the fuck back Ďcause a bitch like me knows how to make an entrance so fuck outta my way when I do my strut on the runway like I was Naomi Campbell as I move these hips side to side like I was Shakira while you lick your lips stariní at me and make you go limp like Campbell soup as I get you feeliní all mesmerized while you staring in my eyes and all the way down to my thighs like I was straight out of a centerfold lookiní all waxed and smooth.
Boy, you like how Iím looking in the lingerie? get some Vaseline and tissue pretend my tongue is licking all over your thick love stick till it erupts in my mouth.
Boy, my head is more gassed up than Kanye West and Chris Brown combined ever since Iíve been a free bitch.
Donít need no man to keep me on a leash and treat me like I need to be on my knees begginí please, please stay.
Hell no!
You think I give a fuck about a motherfucker that is just lookiní to fuck? Fuck no!
The fuck you think I look like?
You mustíve gotten me confused with some other type of hoe that donít love herself.
You think Iíd let a man simp for me if all he wants is me to be obedient and quiet when he canít even keep his dick in his pants? Hell no!.
Donít come to me if you ainít a real one or know how to be down for me otherwise I ainít fucking with you, but Iíll sure as hell pass this ass on to the next lucky mother fucker.
I oughta slap your mother and father for creating a man like you then slap your grandma and every single ancestor linked to you Ďcause youíre a bitch made man that canít even be a real man and donít give a fuck about his responsibilities so he let his baby mama be a mother and father to his child.
Iím sick of you wild ass young IG thots, all you do is photoshop and say ď my body is real!Ē shut the fuck up.
Admit you got that fat sucked out your stomach to fill your flat ass,
Admit you got them Kylie bee stung lips filled,
Admit you got thirty eight double D implants,
Admit your waist ainít really tiny because you got your ribs removed.
You canít Ďcause youíre a fake ass bitch and canít Ďcause youíre a fake ass bitch.
Liviní life on easy mode you might as well be that one hoe thatíll rather start an OnlyFans than work your ass off and reduce to making money off your body instead your brains.
Bitches like you make me sick, so thirsty for clout and fame you need attention so badly and it donít matter if you scam a rich man into getting you pregnant or blackmail the married man youíre fucking.
All you bitches are irrelevant to me and honestly youíre nothing but trash to me so I must throw you bitches out before you stink up my house.
Written by MsRockyJackson
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