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We met at the mall, in the parking lot
She hit my ride with a shopping cart
But a vehicle is just that, no need for tempers to flare
Besides when I came out, she was standing right there
Salt and pepper jacket to match the curls in her hair
Tight fitting jeans, a warning sign to beware
We greeted each other and information was exchanged
But there was a problem so a meeting was arranged
She said that she didn't give out information over the phone
She said if you're not to busy could you come by my home
This was not a problem she lived close to where I work
I'd been thinking of her since the accident, creatng problems at work
My timing was off, my concentration wasn't there
I was lost as fuck in that long black hair
I drop by just as we had planned,
With a bottle of wine and a rose in my hand
She really confused me because at first glance
She looked like Jennifer Beal in the movie Flashdance
Tight stretch pants with a loose tee hanging from one shoulder
Handing me the correct information in a brand new folder
While sharing the bottle of wine, we began to unwind
The shirt slipped lower more than a few times
Having observed more than once the same nip
I casually ask to see both tips
She came over and sat right in my lap
Her mouth transformed into a hungry trap
Kissing my face and lips, sucking on my tongue
By the way that she was breathing, she was about to come
Opening my shirt running her nails over my pec
Before moving in and working on my neck
She was aggressive, refusing to be tame
There was no pretense, this was to be done without shame
I took the fight back to her ass tickling her uvula
Coaching her tongue like my last name was Shula
Hungrily I fed off of her nape and lobe
Pulled down the tee and both breast were expose †
Dam big ass nipples making this is the perfect set
She slid out out the tights they were dripping wet
She tore at everything on me, until we were one and the same
Totally fucking free to bring the pain
She stood over my face feeding me a landing strip
I licked on her clit and sucked on her lips
She grabbed the back of head slamming my face up in there
This started a feeding frenzy, shit I didn't care
She turned around bending over touching her toes
Pussy to my mouth, asshole to my nose
Yes I loved it baby, her spread open like this
Me licking that asshole and giving both cheeks a kiss
Moved back in on that pussy, yes I like my plate right there
And she, yes she's brush my dick with her motherfucking hair
Moving her hair back and forth across the top
While jacking up and down, she popped it right into her mouth
She was like me equally hungry
Greedily feeding, both equally hungry
She went all tense and sprayed right in my face and mouth
While mounting my man, she said, "now that what I'm talking about"

While bouncing up and down, she fed me both tit
Holding the back of my head, my man buried up to the hilt
She was constantly spraying, my dick and ball dripping
She laid back on the couch and allowed me to start ripping
Crystal pool is what she had as eyes
Steadily hammering, my hands on the back of both thighs
This is us Boo, for a moment, and this is just a release
Her eyes roll back, yes she needs to release
Ever so seductively she reminded me there was yet another hole
Pulled out glistening and started feeding her asshole pole
She was squeezing my arms with incredible force
Steadily spraying with incredidle force
The sex is exciting and her ass is so tight
I shot my load into her ass with the great of might
She begged me to crawl up and let her clean thing up
She started from the head and worked down to the nuts
By the time she finish, the dick was satisfied with a shine
She left to change and it was time to replaced mine
Before leaving she handed me the folder, "saying don't forget it"
I told her insurance is messy, I'll fix my own shit
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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