The Way It Seems

Seems like you love
to see me struggling..
reaching for a piece of
your love.
Amused by the way
I jump to reach the heart
that you dangle above:
Seems like you love
the way ĎI love youí sounds
when it leaves your lips,
regardless of the truth that lies amiss.
I close my eyes
and pretend to believe you,
searching for confirmation
whenever we kiss.
I donít know if Iím trying
to fool you or myself.
Itís hard to tell if you are
really on this.
Seems like the nights
I spend without you
are the longest.
I wonder how my heart
became so fragile,
how my feelings
became so potent.
Torn between what I deserve
and what I want for the moment.
Lying to myself,
itís something I need help with.
Iíve used just enough of the rope
I was given to hang myself with.
I might as well,
death must feel better
than going thru all this hell.
Is love really worth the pain?
Seems like the love
is constantly outweighed,
or maybe itís the way
the idea of love is portrayed.
Sincere actions and consistency fade,
into a mixture
of lustful feelings
and games being played.
We were supposed
to be in love,
now I donít know if weíre able.
We were supposed
to be a team,
now weíre at opposite ends of the table.
Im afraid weíll never finish
what weíve attempted to start,
because I cant truthfully say
that you have my
best interest at heart.
Seems like itís all about you,
and Iím only here to play a part.
Written by LovelySoul89
Author's Note
Itís been a while, but here I am.☺️
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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