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Of Mice and Dung Beetles


the dung beetle
reminds me of a line
from Good Morning

[quote]It's a huge shit sandwich
and we're all going to have
to take a bite:

It is served to dung beetles
in vegetarian meatballs
with an elephant-pee-king sauce

Having said that I once got
food poisoning from a MacDonalds
it ironically tasted like shit

Do Dung beetles,
given their regular diet,
ever get food poisoning
from its shit sandwich?


What is the human equivalent of a dung beetle?
and what skills and jobs seem so similar
Politicians, lawyers, journalists, accountants,
doctors, Judges, CEO's, Union Leaders, many
current political protest groups and Vegans
pretty much are all full of shit
a full of shit dung beetle
is a happy dung beetle

People on minimum wage employment
normally have to put up daily, with shit
Nursing staff and carers
know all about rolling up shit
News providers roll around in shit
athletes collect round shit as medals
lots of ballplayers are shit at it

The elephants in the room
are the providers of a lot of shit
and the expect us to just eat it
officials from the W.H.O, the C.D.C
The F.B.I, The C.I.A, Tobacco Companies
The Food and Drug Administration,
Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, writers,
Poets, Political Punsters, funsters
Prankers, Wankers, Plankers, Rankers
the shit providers list is endless
so in short most of us
are like dung beetles

A final comparison
The Webmiss and the MODs
working for The Deep Underground[/u]
The Webmiss, in the main, sorts out the shit
MODs daily have to put up with the shit
sandwiches and they are volunteers

(c) David Macleod
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
Author's Note
David Macleod (c)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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