I was once... a forced guest
I was once... your prisoner
You built a relationship with me of pain
I suffered from Stockholm syndrome
For you were once the master of my every action
Reaction... and dissatisfaction
Oh how the tables have turned

I have you bound now, I will exact my revenge
I will tear you limb, from wretched limb
Foul demon
Your tears of agony will fuel the flames
Not of hate or of rage, but of my intention
The links of your fingers, will each be fractured
One... by... one... they crack and pop
Your hands. Then your feet.
I will twist your wrist, much like you did mine
I will not stop until its behind you
Your elbow will shatter
Scream for me, sweet symphony
I will not stop, this beautiful music
Are you afraid yet of What Resides?
This is nothing compared to what you've done to me
Your stomach will be torn asunder, your entrails will be made a scarf
It may sound cold, to you, but you were the darkness deep in me
So what's inside of you, must be the opposite? We shall see
Keep me warm... instead of cold
The only depression that will be left
Is the one left by your head
As I beat it into the ground
Again... and again
Again... and again
I will build from you, self worth
I will murder you, depression, in the worst way possible
I will not relent, you will know the fury of my will
My will to live, my will to reclaim my life
I will enjoy seeing your face twisted into something beautiful
I will cut it off and I will wear it myself
Oh... there is so much to do
So little time... so much to do...
To you... like you've done to me
Prepare yourself, for agony
This will not be over swiftly
Watch me succeed
Watch me be happy
Suffer now... demon...
I will be happy once you are dead
I will build a monument with your corpse strung overhead
Within my head
It will read
Depression once resided here
Now... it... is... dead...
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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