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Image for the poem The Maids Adventures chapter 4 (part 1)

The Maids Adventures chapter 4 (part 1)

The Maids Adventures chapter 4 (part 1)

Even worse, Bridget's body was somehow starting to respond to Samuel's punishing thrusts. She had already been close to her own release when he'd ravished her, now somehow the pain was mingling with the earlier sensations and her juices began trickling down her crack from her pussy.
As the juices reach's Samuel's cock, they smeared its length, easing its passage into her body and allowing him to move harder and faster. Bridget groaned, as the lubrication also eased the burning and the slick glide of his cock in and out of her started to feel less painful, dwindling down to a feeling of fullness and discomfort.

The head of his cock was brushing against a spot deep inside of her that caused her body to jolt, a tingling awareness beginning to spread through her core as he hit that spot over and over again. Completely lost in his own lusts, Samuel leaned further forward as he plowed into her body, increasing the depth and changing the angle of his thrusts. Bridget cried out and began to wriggle beneath him, as much as her position allowed, mortified by the buzzing spasms in her lower body and the realization that the tension in her center was coiling again.

NO! she cried, addressing herself rather than Samuel. "No, no, no, no, PLEASE NO!"

But his rough use of her pussy and ass had done its work, and that coiling tension inside of her snapped, bursting outwards. This release was different from any that she's experienced before, shuddering tingles crawling up her spine and out her arms, the full heat in her belly engulfing her entire lower body as she cried out beneath him.
Her dark tunnel shuddered and massaged Samuel's entire length and he bellowed with triumph, thrusting hard enough that it felt like she was splitting wide open. The pulsing of his cock pressed against her rippling walls, each spurt of seed forcing its way through her tight muscular ring and deep into the dark recesses of her body.

Bridget sobbed with the pleasure and shame of it. Somehow finding her release with Samuel was so much more humiliating than with Blaine or Garrett, possibly because Samuel treated her in a way that she should find abhorrent and yet she somehow still managed to enjoy it. The throbbing satisfaction in her lower body didn't allow her any other pretense.

Groaning, Samuel leaned down onto her, ignoring her squeals as her leg muscles protested this treatment. Slowly his cock began to shrink inside of her, the sensation strange, as her muscles returned to normal. The small popping sound as he pulled out of her was humiliating. When he released her arms, she could feel the bruises forming on her arms where he'd held her so tightly.

He got up and left the tent, leaving her to flop back down, feeling almost numb. What was wrong with her? How had she managed to climax under such awful circumstances? Outside she could hear Samuel and the other men laughing and talking as he demanded a cloth to clean himself up with and a drink to satisfy his thirst now that he'd been satisfied in a more carnal way.

When the tent flap opened again she snatched at the blanket and pulled it over to cover herself, a natural reaction. In the darkness she could see that it was Garrett, but with his back to the fire she couldn't see the expression on his face. In his hand he carried a clothe, damp with warm water.

Without a word he knelt beside her and pulled the blanket back. After a moment she let go of it, allowing him to expose her again, wanting the soothing touch of the damp clothe before it cooled and became less enjoyable. Garrett's hands were gentle as he rubbed the clothe over her soft folds and the reddened hole of her bottom. Bridget whimpered a little as he rubbed the clothe over the little button of pleasure at the top of her slit, the tiny bud was still feeling rather sensitive.

"Are you all right?" he asked quietly.

"I'm fine," she said, her voice rather clipped. He didn't respond immediately, as if he was waiting for her to say more, but what else could she possibly say? While her body might ache, it was no worse than the first day when they'd caught her. Well, maybe a little worse since she had a new sore hole, but other than that she wasn't injured.
Despite Samuel's rough treatment no lasting damage had been done. Mostly her pride was bruised, by her inexplicable climax.

Did Garrett just sigh? She wasn't sure. Gently he recovered the blanket and pulled it over her. Clutching at its edge she stared up at him in the darkness, trying to discern his expression, but the inside of the tent didn't have enough light for that. He soothed a hand over her hand and then he got up and left the tent, leaving her to wonder at his actions. Why had he come and check on her? Did he want to make sure that she was undamaged so as to ascertain his enjoyment of her tomorrow night? Or was there some other reason?

When Princess Eleanor woke up, late in the evening, the fire had dwindled down to almost nothing and her dinner was lukewarm. Despite her indignation over this after all, considering how much pleasure Patrick received from her, shouldn't he take better care of her? Garrett was always taking care of her maid she pushed her own affront to the side and concentrated on her own plans. After all, she wouldn't have to put up with this appalling treatment for much longer if her plans, works out. Just this evening she'd deliberately feigned being too worn out for dinner after her bout of pleasure with Patrick.
Pleasure and pain her buttocks still throbbed from the lash of his belt, and that pulsing ache only served to arouse her all over again as she shifted on the hard wood making up her seat. It hadn't been too hard for her to fall asleep and now she was feeling very awake, just as the men were starting to fade.

It was hard to contain her glee; this was perfect! While she felt well rested, they were obviously wilting, and tonight she'd test how deeply Patrick slept after all their exertions. She even knew what direction to head in, from their conversations today.
They weren't far from some Lord's country manor house apparently, although they had neglected to mention exactly how far, she knew that's where they were traveling to. Patrick had talked rather freely about getting her some new garments to dress her up more appropriately as his lady.

Ha. His lady indeed no matter how he made her body feel there was no way she was staying here and living like this. Of course he was infatuated with her, she was a fine specimen of noble breeding and he was nothing more than a commoner who was enjoying her lily white flesh. She took it as her due.

Although her emotions were sometimes conflicted because she did so enjoy his brutish dominance of her however, she assumed that once in the hands of her noble husband, there would be even more pleasure to be had, because what commoner could compete with a Prince?

Come sweetheart, Patrick said, breaking into her thoughts. His eyes glittered in the firelight. Was he going to take her again? Desire stirred in her loins. If he didn't tonight then she'd have to make sure that he did tomorrow in order to wear him out even more. Time for bed.

She went willingly, following him into the tent. To her disappointment he didn't seem inclined to take her again. Instead he curled up around her possessively and soon fell asleep. Lying in his arms, Eleanor waited until she felt him go rather limp and then she wriggled her way out of his embrace. He didn't wake up. Grinning to herself, she moved freely about the tent, trying to be quiet but not silent. Still he slept. She walked round and round the tent, partly to tire her-self, out so that she would be able to sleep the rest of the night and partly for practice. After all, there was no way she could saddle a horse on her own, so she was going to have to walk.

Tomorrow she'd question Patrick as much as she dared and try to find out how far they were from the nobleman's house. If she were lucky perhaps this would be her last night here and she could soon return to the life that she was meant to lead.
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