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The Coven

The Witches Of The Underground page 2  

Next to appear was LadyLayla, she slowly floated right down next to Ahavati, she came dressed in a beautiful white velvet & chiffon flocked gown. She came with broom in hand.          
Layla was born a witch under the old writings, she is an Electric witch. She studied with her mother under some of the greatest witches to ever walk this earth since the age of 1, thus becoming a most powerful witch, indeed Layla’s spells are unbreakable unforgivable and undeniable.                        
Next Crimsin appeared, walked in the front door of Zazzles profile, dressed entirely in black, except for her chandelier style earrings, they were black sequence with one tiny blood-red teardrop hanging from each ear. She came with broom in hand.          
Crimsin is a dark witch, however, she uses her powers for good “most of the time “                      
Make no mistake, as she has a permanent seat at Satans table, when-ever-she wants...                                        
Zazzles waved her sisters towards her and welcomed them with a smile and a nice hot glass of mulled apple cider, each with a cinnamon stick inside the glass.                      
 (The apples were freshly picked from Crowfly’s orchard just this morning)                                                  
Poof! A huge puff of smoke accompanied by a bang____!  and there stood Calamitygin, she came dressed In black n white polkadots head to toe and a wide brimmed witches black hat.          
She brought company, her pet dragon Skittles, She calls him kit for short.          
Gin is a Nocturnal witch and shapeshifter from her fathers side. she came with broom in hand.                                               
Zazzles iPhone rang, she answered and on came a males voice. I’ll be there soon Zazzles, just a second,,, I-ah- um,,, whoa ____!                                                  
And there stood DiamondDave, he is no witch but he is physic and his enchanted broom is kick ass!  he uses his Les paul guitar as his broom plus he is cousins with Zazzles, from her fathers side                                                  
Zazzles welcomed Gin, and Dave, with a smile  and gave them both some hot cider and waved for them to sit at a lovely seat at her window,          
The view from zazz’s side of the castle, is pretty spectacular, there was a full moon that night.                                                  
Harry Rout & DanielChristensen arrived at the same time both dressed in suits & cloaks.                     Harry’s suit was white with a silver tie, and his cloak was pure white like fresh fallen snow.                          
He came with broom In hand.          
Harry is a hypnotist and a third generation white witch on his mother’s side and is of a royal bloodline.                                                  
Daniels suit was dark purple, it was so dark it looked almost black, he wore a solid black tie and his cloak was dark purple too and, he came with broom in hand.          
Daniel is a high priest and warlock on his fathers side going back over hundreds of years. How far back his linage actually goes, is unknown.                                                
____” Did anyone else see that exclaimed Gin? Zazzles and everyone rushed to look outside Zazz’s window, they saw a green and black hot-air balloon, everyone bursted out with laughter                  
and as Zazz suspected it was Gahddess_Worship aka GW.                  
OMG screamed Zazzles ! I wasn’t sure he was even coming! Zazzles immediately grabbed her cell phone and called GW                                                
HEY-hey-hey!  So happy you could make it.            
GW is an elemental male witch. He can and does switch and tweak the weather and can concoct any spell you can think of. Both his parents were born and are from Salem Massachusetts, and they two are elemental witches. GW is also crafty with his hands and can build anything.          
He is brilliant in the head.      
He Came with broom in hand        
JohnnyBlaze, showed up too                                           
He came dressed to impress with his pirate suit and hat. Johnny loves to play dress up and mess with humans for fun, he always has.          
Johnny is a male witch and comes from a long line of witches and sorcerers on all sides of his family. Zazzles handed Johnny some cider and offered him a seat with a smile. Johnny is also the covens scroll writer, and master potions maker.                  
He came with broom in hand                                        
And last but certainly not least Shadoe, appeared    
dressed in a bare back dark green iridescent dress to the floor, her hair the color of cotton candy pink. She like Gin, came with company, her pet eagle, Zeus. Shadoe is a green witch on both sides of her family and is an earth-child; she possesses many gifts including alchemy & sight. She came with broom in hand.          
All came and all were barefoot ...                                         
“ Welcome Welcome !” said Zazzles        
please, everyone____ grab a glass of cider and let’s toast to this, our Coven!                    
She then instructed everyone to please follow her outside and to make a circle with their brooms...                                                
To be continued...
Written by Zazzles (Broom)
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