The Perceptible Machinations Of Acid Reign!

By Stanley Collymore  

Aren't you like me totally  
pissed off - and if not, I  
think you ought to be -  
by those who flamboyantly,  
patronizingly, dishonestly    
and quite hypocritically    
from atop their totally    
fraudulent pedestals    
of white supremacy    
on which similarly    
likeminded rather    
incapable of ever    
thinking, far less    
so, to positively    
be realistically    
expected ever    
from actions    
distinctly of  
a reputable    
to do anything at all of  
their own volition or    
thinking but, all the  
same, the odiously fawning    
plebeian serf morons that    
they unquestionably are,  
have thus emphatically    
installed them! Where  
upon they embark on    
arrogantly lecturing    
sane and intelligent    
elements, unasked,    
across our diverse    
global population    
that to safeguard    
our Planet Earth    
and inhabitants    
from extinction    
they must all of them  
desist entirely from    
either having any    
children, or else    
failing that not    
produce such    
of similar    
Yet these privileged and    
lecturing clowns like    
William Windsor:  
and Kate Middleton - et al  
too in their families still    
keep on breeding, as if  
this millennia, rather    
enduring biological    
facility is itself in a    
perilous danger of    
an imminent and    
naturally honed    
and credibly    
And why so when with  
three brats already of    
their own choosing,  
are the basically not very    
bright William and his    
Stepford-type spouse    
and very compliant    
broodmare, waity    
Katie discernibly    
and most keenly    
promoting, this  
very dishonest    
and at it's best  
diktat of theirs - as  
they avidly, none  
the less, embark    
upon breeding    
yet more state    
provided for    
offspring of    
their own?  
Thus Harry,  Meghan and    
Archie readily come to    
mind in all of this, so  
sick, twisted and certifiably    
also, purposely concerted    
and perversely engaged    
in strategy, perversely    
contrived in the evil    
deductions of Katie    
and Wills publicly    
to then guarantee    
as certainly as it    
was discernibly    
ever probably    
likely to then    
be achieved    
and swiftly  
carried on    
through the one process  
that they actually have    
physical control of -    
the breeding one -  
that William's Spencer and,  
of course, Catherine's very    
own maternal, biological    
Goldsmith bloodlines in    
unison with each other    
will inevitably jointly    
and also numerically    
in fixed conjunction    
with a Saxe-Coburg-    
monarchical, Dark    
Ages, medievally    
with hereditarily    
imbued mindset    
and consequently firmly    
retain an intrinsically    
unaltered, decidedly    
prestigious position in the    
21st Century and beyond.  
Blissfully, permanently    
and, appropriately so,  
uncontaminated and    
commendably both    
in the conclusions    
of William and a,  
similarly, joyous  
Catherine juxta-    
posed with the    
ingrained and    
stupid racist    
deductions - by any  
trace of inferior,    
Black African  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
17 October 2020.    
Author's Remarks:    
Totally paranoid, are William and Catherine, with absolutely nothing worthwhile to say, and much less so that's deservedly worth listening to. Summed up perfectly, I believe, in the words of  William Shakespeare.  
"Life is like a walking shadow; a poor player that struts and frets his [her] hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more." Essentially a tale of two unwarrantedly white privileged entitlement idiots: William and Kate - Geography and History of Art,respectively, Uni-soft options degree graduates  - full of sound and fury and signifying nothing that is ever noteworthy.  
So your rather biased, very snobbish and totally endemic racism towards Meghan Markle do not make them, in the least facts. And all they simply do is,  is to essentially unoriginally on your part, idiotically regurgitate evidently known nasty, extreme and rightwing opinions.  
Criminally,  convict inured and a most discernibly entrenched, plus brutally barbaric land usurpers of the Black Aborigines who'd continuously lived unmolested on that island continent  for in excess of 600, 000 years, until the white man arrived; likewise New Zealand in the case of the Maori nation, and Canada as well relative to the identically, odious usurpation of its indigenous population in every conceivable way, are quite reliably the only countries expected to retain the toxic British monarchy - and you William if it still exists then - as their putative head of state. All because like their white British purported kith and kin, you're all of you as the irrefutable scum you obviously are, literally and liberally drawn from the same verminous swamp!  And as such no veritably self-respecting and genuinely independent nation will want anyone remotely like you William to be their head of state.  
So start getting used to it, and realise that sane people throughout the world know why your antipathy and the stinking hypocrisy of both yourself, Kate and likewise discernibly twisted elements within your respective families are so distorted against Meghan who just wants to be who she is - a proud, self-confident and a highly intelligent Black woman; when in comparison no such vitriolic abuse is ever levelled at your uncle Andy  - who the FBI would very much like to speak with, and we all know what for - or Kate's own misogynistic, multiple married boor, a vicious, serial wife beater, convict, alleged drug user and trafficker whose money was purportedly made from that trade - uncle Gary Goldsmith! Who quite  recently had the bloody nerve with his criminal and odious background to vitriolically and nastily mendaciously sound off about Harry and Meghan.
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