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My Turn

Yes I'm wearing you for a mask
Your clit in my mouth, my tongue in your ass
Can you feel the pressure of being sucked like this
Your body has never had this kind of kiss

Do you mind if I kiss you for more than fun
Inspecting your mouth, sucking on your tongue
We're battling back and forth, but not for dominance
This is totally my show, you've had your chance

The sweet taste of your mouth as fluids are swapped
Takes my mind to another level, making me all hot
I'm soon dining on ear, and feasting on neck
Sucking on your lobe as the canal is inspected

Nibbling my way down to both your nips
I'm gonna suck the whole thing, but I'm starting with the tip
Attempting to fit the whole tit, right in my mouth
That's right arch your back, that's what daddy is talking about

Hand sliding down let me really explore
Make me think you're a nun, but call you a whore
Faking resistance, but there is none left
You're constantly shaking and you're all out of breath

You encourage me to proceed with, "yes baby that's right'
Yes you want to see a good dick and pussy fight
But tonight is the night I do what I like
Let me kiss a little lower then give you a bite

Nothing hard baby just a nip
As I indulge on tits, tummy, and lips
Aah yes, you're so fucking wet
Let me clean that up, you're so fucking wet

Tender kisses and nips on your lips
A tug here and there while my tongue takes a dips
Yes, I know baby you're slowly weakening
I can tell by how much your pussy is leaking

Ever so gently your're spread apart
It's no longer a slit, it's the shape of a heart
Yes I'm gonna take my time and clean up this cum
Then I'm gonna take my time and really make that pussy run

I'm gonna be aggressive really get my face in there
I want you to feel my tongue past your throat, fixing your hair
I want you to shake and stutter as your pussy sputter
Then yes it's time to mount and give you another

Starting with long and short strokes to be intermixed
Yes baby I like the way your pussy sucks that dick
Now watch as I drop back down and suck that clit
Don't worry baby I've mastered this shit

Fucking clit and tongue engaged in battle
Cum and saliva making us rattle
All of this to get you just right there
heaving and sweating, legs in the air

And just when I feel they're about to drop
I slide back in with that hard ass cock
Just watching it slide in and out, I've surpassed hot
After I'm finish with this pussy, I'm fucking that mouth

Yes baby it hasn't been forgotten
Your pussy is contracting, your body is rocking
Cock and balls covered with beautiful cum
Sliding two fingers into your ass, there it goes another one

Yes baby, I know what you like
Now let me slide up higher, so you can speak into the mic
The way that you grip me with just your lips
Tongue circling the head, fucking with the tip

Yes baby I'm all yours, as you take the time to tongue wash my balls
Sliding your tongue along the shaft and all
The pressure is building, you know how to tease and please
Guiding me back into your throat for my release

Sliding back down we French with lots of tongue
Discussing where to meet for yet another one
We both want to sleep, and get a little rest
But unfortunately you've gotta get home to someone else
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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