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Image for the poem The Maids Adventures chapter 3 (Part 2)

The Maids Adventures chapter 3 (Part 2)

The Maids Adventures chapter 3 (Part 2)

Garrett sat down on a stump and patted his lap, looking expectantly at her. Bridget didn't hesitate exactly, but she did dawdle a little. After all, she wasn't exactly looking forward to this.

How do you know how to do this? she blurted out. And then blushed, a heated red twisting her hands behind her back, almost as if she could protect her backside with them I mean, how to... um... prepare someone for... you know.

For a moment he looked amused, his eyes sparkling in a merry way that almost begged her to return his smile. Then it faded and he sighed and looked away. Thinking that he wasn't going to answer her, Bridget took another few steps towards him.

My mother was a whore, he said quietly, without shame. I grew up around women who needed tricks to... prepare themselves for whatever their customers might want.

So why do it for me, she asked, slightly emboldened now that he'd answered one question; her curiosity overcoming any inclination to remain quiet. Why do you seem to care more about whether or not I... um... enjoy myself than the others?

He shrugged. It's what I'm used to. Men aren't the only ones who look for pleasure in the bedroom. There are occasionally women who look for ah... companions.

Bridget gaped at him. And you did that?

I was the member of a couple noble households for awhile, Garrett said, flashing her. a broad grin.

So why have you turned to thievery and kidnapping instead? She asked, genuinely intrigued. Garrett was such a contradiction in so many ways.
Now his slightly better manners and sense of honor than the other bandits made sense. As did his more gentle treatment of her he must just be so used to pleasuring women that he didn't know any other way! Or maybe it was just the way that he preferred.

Something hard and almost angry flickered across his expression and then was gone. No reason of interest over my lap now, little maid.

Grimacing, because she knew that he'd seen through her delaying tactics and also because she'd gotten more caught up in their conversation and learning about him than she'd wanted to be, Bridget obediently draped herself over his legs. Head on one side, legs on the other, she tried to ignore the way the cool air felt as her backside was exposed. Then he laid his hands on her bare flesh, kneading the creamy orbs of her buttocks and Bridget bit her lip to hide the low moan that she wanted to make as he massaged her.

Unfortunately, his touch wasn't as unpleasant as it should be. At least now she knew why though; women had been willing to pay him for pleasure, so he must have been good at it. With his handsome looks she supposed she couldn't be entirely surprised. There were often noble ladies who cuckolded their husbands or widows who needed comforting and preferred the find lovers in the lower classes. Not that Bridget had ever met anyone like that, but she'd heard the rumors.

She heard Garrett pull something out of his pocket and then felt his hands spreading her apart, exposing her little crinkled hole to him. Closing her eyes in shame, she gripped his ankle tightly as he rubbed an oily finger over the entrance to her back hole. A shiver went up her spine; the feeling was not entirely unpleasant. In fact, as he pressed gently on that dark entrance, it actually felt a little good.

The pressure against her stomach informed her that Garrett was enjoying himself as the tip of his finger slipped into her tight hole. Men really did become aroused by playing with that area, which Bridget didn't understand at all but there was no denying the hard evidence pressing against her belly. She didn't have the concentration to contemplate it, however, as Garrett pressed his finger deeper, probing her insides. Automatically she clenched down against the intrusion, and she couldn't stifle the moan as he pressed deeper anyway, his slick digit easily pushing past her shuddering muscles. The friction burned a little and she felt that little tremor of tension in her stomach that preceded the build to pleasure.

Even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn't stop the quivering sensations that began as he pushed his finger back and forth, loosening the tight ring guarding her entrance. Bridget whimpered as he slid his finger all the way out and then began to press back in, this time with two fingers, spreading her further open. It didn't hurt exactly, but it tingled in a way that was almost painful, and the full feeling of having two fingers pressing into her back side only intensified the sensations. Hanging limply over his lap, she could feel a similar tingling in her sex, even though he hadn't touched those soft folds they were responding to the stimulation of her other hole in a most shaming way.

As he continued to saw his fingers in and out of her, Bridget couldn't stop herself from squirming. All of her blood seemed to be rushing to her head and her sex, making her feeling dizzy and pleasured. She arched her back, trying to push herself upwards to stop the dizzy sensation. This pushed her backside upwards just as Garrett's fingers were sinking into her and she shuddered and moaned as her body welcomed rippled around him. Pushing back against him had felt shockingly good.

That's it little maid, he murmured approvingly, as if she'd done it on purpose and not accidentally. As if he was pleased to think that she had. It's feels good doesn't it?

Blushing furiously, Bridget shook her head in denial. She didn't want it to feel good.

But she couldn't stop the moan as she felt the two fingers that weren't inside of her rear entry dip down to the slick folds of her womanhood. Garrett chuckled as he confirmed what he already knew - she was wet with arousal.

Oh yes you do, you seem to like it a lot, he said. As if to prove his point, those fingers sank easily into her pussy, so that both of her holes were impaled upon his digits. Bridget cried out and arched her back again, but Garrett's other arm was holding her down firmly, keeping her from squirming away from him. His fingers wriggled inside of her, coaxing new sensations that her body seemed to crave, despite what her head wanted.

By the time he removed his fingers she was panting and she almost wanted to ask him to put them back. Her lower body was still burning, but now she was on fire with need... a need that he'd created in her all too often.

Then the slick, hard thing he'd used yesterday nosed against her rosebud and she cried out as he began to push it in. Despite the fact that it wasn't as large as Blaine's cock, which he'd put in there last night, its unyielding girth made it harder for her body to accept the thing. The slight pain mixed with the pleasure she'd been feeling and she was horrified to realize that it actually enhanced it; she found herself pushing back against the intrusion, the front of her rubbing against Garrett's hard thigh, her own thighs pressed together as the pressure and pleasure mounted.

The stretching sensation of her tight hole peaked and she cried out as her strained ring popped over the thickest part. The curvy plug nestled into her bottom, snugly encased as her muscles gripped it, almost tugging it further inward
Still, the discomfort of having it fully inside of her didn't dissipate the pleasure of feeling so full or the ache between her legs that wanted to be touched more fully. She felt a wash of shame as Garrett picked her up off of his lap and turned her around so that she was seated, leaning back on the trunk he'd just been sitting on shame because of the excitement that was kindled as he fumbled at the front of his breeches, because she knew that he was going to ravish her and for the first time, she truly wanted it.

The thing in her backside was jostled as she shifted position, making her tingle all over as Garrett pushed up her skirts to reveal her nest of curls at the apex of her thighs. Her pretty pink lips were glistening with her cream and she blushed and looked away as Garrett unlaced the front of her bodice, allowing her creamy breasts to spill out. As his manhood rubbed along her feminine folds, coating itself in her arousal, he lowered his head to her breasts and began to suckle on her rosy nipples. The sensation went straight to her center and Bridget cried out. She was unable to move away or stop him, because her hands had to remain behind her, resting on the stump in order to keep her upright. Otherwise she would lose her balance. And, to be truthful, she wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to stop him; the sensations that he was creating were delicious, stoking the need that had already been swirling deep in her belly. The more he played with her body the less she cared that she shouldn't be enjoying his touch. All of her thoughts and plans were dissolving into sheer desire for the ecstasy that was not so far out of reach.

The warm blunt head of his manhood nudged against her hole, pushing inwards, and Bridget groaned. Just like yesterday, having something already filling her backside made her sex even tighter around the insistent cock that was invading her body. Garrett worked himself back and forth, pushing deeper into her with every stroke, his hands holding the back of her waist and upper buttocks while his mouth alternated between the hardened nubs of her nipples. Her legs curved around his backside, pulling him deeper into her as she writhed with the pleasure that was mounting inside of her.

Forgetting her shame, Bridget wrapped herself in the moment, the slick sounds of his pole as it thrust into her, the pleasant fullness of her lower body and the rough friction that was feeling increasingly good. Arching her back, she thrust her breasts upwards towards Garrett, encouraging the attention that he was lavishing on them. How could this possibly feel so wonderful when it was so wrong?

She moaned again as he bit down on her nipple, the slight tinge of pain awakening her senses in the most incredible way. When his teeth rolled the little nubbin back and forth she cried out, her insides clamping down on him as she shuddered with the heady mix of stinging pleasure. Somehow, she had no idea how she managed it without falling off the stump, Bridget clasped her arms around Garrett's shoulders, using him to hold her up rather than propping herself up. Wrapped around him with all her limbs, she clung to him, crying out as he buried his face in her neck and began thrusting harder and faster.

Soft cries mingled with masculine grunts as Bridget's pleasure peaked and tipped, shattering her apart as she rubbed herself against Garrett's body, willfully seeking her explosive release. The tingling rapture spiraled out from her loins and sizzled through her body until her toes curled and her fingers dug into his shoulders. With a hoarse cry he thrust hard, the iron rod swelling inside of her and bursting forth, pulsing against her convulsing walls. Bridget almost screamed with the rushing pleasure of it.

They held each other close, moving ever so slightly as they rocked through the last lingering shudders of mutual pleasure. It was then that Bridget realized she was clasping him tightly to her and that, for the first time, she had given herself over to pleasure with one of the men. Was it because Garrett had always been kinder than the others? Or just because he was more willing to talk to her and so she'd started to feel a little bit more like she was getting to know him? Part of her wanted to scramble away and the other part of her wanted to hold him closer and just bask for a moment in warmth and the false feeling of intimacy. To pretend, just for a moment, that the pleasure meant something.

He let out a long sigh and she felt him kiss just underneath her neck, before he pulled away. Glancing up at him she saw him looking at her with the oddest expression on his face, as if something about her troubled or confused him. Well he wasn't the only one. Biting her lip Bridget looked away as she pushed down her skirts over her legs, covering herself.

It seemed as if he was going to say something but then they heard the distant sound of voices approaching. Quickly she began lacing her bodice back up, seeing him adjusting his breeches out of the corner of his eye as he headed towards the sound of voices. Warm fluid trickled down her thigh as she stood, meekly going back to the fireplace to tend to the stew and try to sort out her emotions.

Princess Eleanor straggled at the ropes binding her wrists, not because she thought she might actually break free, but because she felt like she should at least be trying. This entire situation was absolutely unacceptable and she needed to get out of it as soon as possible. While she had found herself less adverse, to being Patrick's plaything than she would have ever thought, she had absolutely no desire to spend any more time in this situation. She was quite sure that once she was married that her husband would find ways to entertain her in the bedchamber, and she could even suggest some of the games that Patrick seemed to like to play, and she was determined to make her way to her future husband with all due haste.

Tramping through the woods with no other female companionship than a maid, only one dress which was rapidly becoming rags, and having to actually help with camp chores was not how Princess Eleanor wanted to spend even an hour of her life. She had always hated traveling and had been looking forward to never having to do so again once she was properly married and settled into her new household. Now she was trapped in the woods, and while Patrick might be able to pleasure her body quite wonderfully he wasn't much of company, and the other men were even worse. Except for Garrett he was rather handsome in a roguish way.

She kept trying to attract his attention, thinking that he might be the best avenue of escape. After all, he was the least plebian of the lot, other than Patrick and she knew very well that Patrick wasn't about to let her go. He couldn't get enough of her, which was unsurprising. Eleanor had always known she was a beauty.

Now if only she could use that beauty to charm Garrett into freeing her, or perhaps running away with her. Then she could ditch him at the first town or keep and make her way back to her proper place in the world. And she wouldn't object to allowing him to sample her charms along the way. His hands had been quite arousing when he'd prepared her bottom for Patrick yesterday. Watching him with her maid this afternoon had confirmed that he could bring a lady pleasure. Not that her maid was a lady. The little slut was obviously enjoying their circumstances. Probably wished there were more men around to feed her wanton appetite.

Perhaps Patrick would end up taking the maid once Eleanor escaped.

Snickering a little at the idea, she wondered how the little tart would react to Patrick's rough desires. They had shocked Eleanor at first, but she'd found that she quite enjoyed them once he'd gotten her tied down and positioned. Unlike her strumpet of a maid, however, the Princess never showed her enjoyment. She fought like a wildcat until he'd tie her up and had his way with her - and she was quite sure that he enjoyed it just as much as she secretly did. And once she was tied up, well there wasn't anything she could do but lay there and let him do what he wanted with her
is which is exactly what she wanted.

Hearing the men coming through the trees, she shot a look over at the little whore, who was back to stirring their dinner and acting like she hadn't just been acting the wanton for Garrett. She wondered what he saw in the servant. Maybe just that she was available whereas the Princess wasn't. Not that Garrett was looking at her right now, but that was just because Patrick was coming now and even though she was quite sure that Garrett wasn't at all afraid of Patrick, he seemed content to let the other man lead which meant that he wouldn't be approaching her while Patrick was around.

Today she'd hoped that she might be able to charm him into speaking with her a bit, so that she could begin her campaign towards convincing him to help her either escape or run off with her - preferably run off with her as he'd be able to take care of her until she reached civilization again. Instead her loose maid had taken his attention all day with her inane chattering. Why hadn't he told the silly chit to shut up? Eleanor's hands itched to give the other woman a slap, even now.

As the men entered the clearing, however, she pushed the slut out of her mind and twisted around, purposefully stretching herself out and creating an enticing image for Patrick with her wrists bound over her head. Almost immediately his gaze swept over to where she was, lust filling his eyes as she stared back at him, pasting a fearful expression on her face.

The smile on his lips as he walked over to her set her heart pounding with anticipation and liquid heat pooled in her belly.

You're not fooling me, Princess he said softly as he bent down to untie her wrists from the tree while keeping them bound together. "You can look scared all you want, but I know exactly what you're doing."

"You are a Cad and a Bastard," she said, practically spitting at him in rage, knowing that he would take any excuse to take his belt to her bottom.

Simultaneously his eyes hardened and flared and we've already talked about you keeping a respectful tongue in your mouth.

Flipping her over his shoulder, he practically knocked the wind out of Eleanor as he carried her off to his tent. She wriggled on top of him, yelping as his hand came crashing down onto her bottom. Soon he'd be slapping her bare skin before taking her again, giving her the pain and pleasure that she craved so much.

Just before they disappeared into the tent, she was twisted around enough to see that her maid was already on her knees, servicing Blaine with her mouth. Princess Eleanor sneered.

What a whore.
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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