The Last One

I always loved you and all truth you can't deny it  And you have always been the woman, that I choose to live and die with. And to say I didn't love you, that's  a lie and don't try it.   Yes we would fight and I would yell.  
Say things that would hurt your heart and in your eyes the tears will swell.   Yes my love you I hurt you ,and you hurt me as well.    
 You didn't  seem to notice that I  have feelings,  So the pain swelled inside my heart and shit would hit the fan of my mental ceiling.   And I know  my anger made it worse,  but anger was my way of saying that I am hurt.
I love you Queen and I know your worth.  I could see your smile hear your laugh, and my heart would surf.
Those nights you couldn't breathe, I  would  rub your back, clean up behind you when you had attacks, I would cook for you make your bed, so you could come home and relax.  For you I will do all kinds of simple things, to show you I was thinking of you, bring you a umbrella when it rained.  
But my love you didn't read, I  couldn't give you everything you wanted, but I would give you what you need. Yes I was a protector and provider. Because I  a man a lion and survivor.
 I loved you more than anything on Gods green earth, I  yelled at you because at the time, I  did not know to say baby my feelings hurt.   All those times I  would  say baby stop belittling me, and  you would say stop whining.  Making my feelings invalid, and toss them to the side like rotten salad.  
Change go both ways. but you would never listen to a word I had to say. And  you make me out to be the monster until this very day.
Destroying the loved we shared, because you refused to see the part you played.
There is no perfect  relationships, on this earth it takes growth and understanding  to make it work. I just wanted us to grow together,face the rain hail and snow together endure the storms, and build a rainbow after the stormy weather.  As a man I  understand,  no matter how angry or hurt I felt inside, the harsh words  
I said to you I could never justify,  no matter if you hurt my feelings to this truth I testified.
  I didn't know how to deal with my emotions and that's the reason why.  And you don't  owe me nothing for loving you. Just because  I  loved you .  
I thought your commitment to me,  was my just due.
 And all I speak is true, and this from the heart of a changing man that's still in love with you.  But I could walk away now without hurt now that we are through.    I  am no monster  I am man. It could have worked if you could just see I was human. That you could see me for who I am, not your perceived illusions.  Behind that mask lies my dove eyes.
  If you could only  see them again. The love I have for you they won't  hide.  
They will say I love  you truly Sugar and they won't  lie.  But you are gone now but for you they won't  cry.  And you say love yourself. Baby I do after loving you, there is no loving  no one else.  I take my heart from you.
 Dusted it off open my chest and placed it on the shelf.  My love for me is like heavens rain drops, I have a ocean of love for myself so I don't  need your drop.  My love forself will never stop Because without your love. Myself love is what got me on top.  I am happy everyday I wake up give myself a kiss. I am the owner and maker of my own happiness,  and you don't have nothing to do with it.    I got options today that's all I have to say.  
Written by darkcloud68
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