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A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate XXXI

I Can See Cleary Now The Rain Is Gone

Sighisoara, Romania  
Vacome, Vasile, and Valan studied a blueprint of Dracon’s castle.  
“The man has every angle pretty much guarded, and some of those hidden rooms, leads to nowhere. I say we hold off until we see which way Dracon wants to play his hand,” Vacome stated.  
“How about Naynina,” Valan inquired.  
“You leave Naynina to me.”  
“Say what.” Vasile arched his eyes behind his brother’s declaration.  
“Naynina has my wolf blood in her; there is a full moon tonight, trust me fellows she will come to me on her own accord.”  
“And if you had done your homework properly, you would have known. My blood could not be tainted. I am what I am, and I will always have pure Fairy Blood; I hope you enjoyed the pillow talk.”  
He needed her with a sickening hunger.  
“And after she comes to you on her own accord, then fucking what.”  
“Vasile, you are thinking with your dick, you must think about what is best for this clan, in getting Naynina to join her presence among this clan.”  
“As long as you can understand, my dick goes up in her, and not yours.”  
Vacome cleared his throat.  
“Listen fellows, while you two are comparing dicks, once we do, and if we do happen to get Naynina to sway toward the Tremere Clan, then what. I heard Naynina’s presence has also reached Seneca’s ears.”  
“Oh.” Vacome discontinued studying the laid out blueprint. “That shit must have escaped my ears.”  
“Yes, word moving within the clan. He has been making some inquiries about Naynina’s whereabouts, I think Seneca is trying to rekindle the past with Naynina.”  
“Bullshit! I will be damn, if I put my blood, sweat, and tears in this and come up empty handed.”  
“As a vampire, blood is all you can put into it.”  
Each man laughed.  
Vacome’s skin began to tingle, and slightly over heat. He needed Naynina, not for her blood; he just needed her to be near him.  
“Big bro, get your head out the clouds.”  
“My bad, I was thinking of an ultimate plan.  
Valan looked at his older brother and shook his head. He saw Vacome’s palm begin to swat. He knows he was trying to keep a brave front, but he knew in the end, he will submit to the hunger of a beautiful woman who has Fairy blood running through her veins.  
“Fellows, how about we finish this tomorrow, I need to check in on my condominium.”  
“Naynina really flooded your condo.”  
“Yes, and shattered all my windows.”  
“Yeah, we can wrap this up tomorrow, I have a date, and Vasile, she has a beautiful sister, college material.”  
“My type of woman.”  
“I will leave that to you youngers. After I made some calls, I will check in on mother and then I’m heading home.”  
“Later then.”  
Vasile turned and walked out the Solarium.  
“You are in love with Naynina, and do not try to deny it; the shit is written all over your face.”  
“I know how to walk away. Naynina is a faded memory.”  
“Whatever you say, later.”  
Valan turned and walked toward the door.  
Vacome closed his eyes.  
Naynina, I need you, come to me, he mentally whispered.  
Sighisoara, Romania  
“Naynina, will you marry me.”  
Dracon lifted the towel from out the water. He rung it out. A river of soapy water cascaded over Naynina’s shoulder. Dracon leaned forward and kissed Naynina’s shoulder blade. He dropped the towel in the water. He wrapped his arms around her waist and enfolded her body in his. He rested his chin on her shoulder blade.  
“You have not given me an answer.”  
Naynina rested her back up against Dracon’s chest.  
“I’m not ready for such a final commitment.”  
Dracon hugged Naynina tighter to him.  
“I want a future with you, but not here.”  
Naynina leaned forward and pivoted her head to look back at Dracon.  
“Let’s just enjoy each other’s company, if perhaps that ring comes somewhere in the equation then so be it.”  
Naynina inched her face inward. She kissed Dracon on his lips.  
Dracon palmed the sides of Naynina’s face and drew her face into the throne of his kiss.  
Naynina twisted her body; she slowly straddled Dracon’s groin. She braced her palms on the rim of the Jacuzzi.  
Dracon encircled his manhood.  
Naynina slid down on Dracon’s erection.  
“Ummm.” She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure.  
“You would have this morning, afternoon, throughout the night.”  
Dracon palmed Naynina’s hips and gyrated them on the stature of his lengthened dick. His hands caressed up and down her wet body. Dracon leaned inward and lapped at a wet nipple, before suckling it.  
Naynina threw her head back in physical oblivion.  
Dracon lifted Naynina’s hands and bound them behind her back. He suckled her nipple harder.  
Naynina lifted her body; she bounded her pussy walls up and down Dracon’s dick.  
Cascades of water met the marble tile flooring.  
Dracon kissed Naynina up and down her cleavage  
I need you Naynina, come to me.  
Naynina opened her eyes. She shook her head to dispel Vacome’s voice floating inside her head. She looked down at the top of Dracon’s head; she closed her eyes and sank into the feeling of Dracon’s nibbling at the side of her neck.  
Naynina, come to me.  
The voice inside her head was louder than the first.  
“I can’t, I’m sorry.”  
Dracon unclasped Naynina’s wrist. He looked up and caught Naynina’s eyes.  
“We can finish this in the bed... baby, I really need to touch you, and I need you to touch me in return.”  
“Umm…then the first one to the bed, does.”  
Naynina inched upward; she eased Dracon’s dick from out her pussy. She balanced her palms on the rim of the Jacuzzi and stood.  
Dracon kissed Naynina on her inner thigh.  
Naynina held her leg out. She rode the tip of her toes up Dracon’s chest wall and under his neck.  
Dracon lifted Naynina’s foot and sucked over her toes. He licked into between the spaces of her toes.  
“I think, this would be more enjoyable while in the bed.”  
Dracon let Naynina’s foot go.  
“I totally agree beautiful.”  
 Naynina stepped out the Jacuzzi.  
Dracon stood and stepped out the Jacuzzi. He wrapped his arms around Naynina’s waste and thrust his pelvis into her buttocks.  
Both walked out the bathroom.  
Someone knocked on the door.  
“Don’t answer it, please.”  
“Whoever it is, no disturbance will be allowed for the beautiful fairy and her manly vampire.”  
“I like it.”  
“Yes,” Dracon hollered out.  
“Sir, I would not bother you, if this call was not necessary.”  
“What is it Mordecai.”  
“You have a call from, Salice. He said the call is of urgent importance.”  
“Shit.” Dracon palmed his cheeks. “Baby, I have to take that call.”  
Naynina laid back on the bed.  
“I will be timing you, I’m sure you would not want to miss out on all of this.”  
Naynina wet her finger and stuck it inside her pussy, she withdrew it and then inserted it inside her mouth; she suckled it.  
Dracon leaned over and kissed Naynina on her lips. He kissed around the finger that was still inside her mouth. He kissed her on the tip of her nose. He inched his face back.  
“I will be back before you can say, I’m gone, and don’t move, I have plenty things you could lick over and on.”  
Naynina stroked Dracon’s cheek.  
“Then I suggest you leave so you can get back to more importance things.”  
Naynina winked at Dracon.  
“This is so true.”  
Dracon straightened his posture. He lifted his robe laying across the bottom of the bed, put it on, and then tied the belt. He walked over to the door and opened it; he met Mordecai’s presence at the threshold. Dracon exited his bedroom. He pulled the door close.  
Naynina looked up toward the ceiling.  
Naynina, I need you come to me.  
Naynina sat up. She pulled the top over her nudity. She looked around Dracon’s bedroom.  
Go away Vacome, and get out of my head, Naynina thought.  
I need you, please, do not turn me away.  
Naynina palmed both of her ears.  
I only want to talk with you, please, and I will never bother you again.  
Our relationship is over, please move on, Naynina thought.  
Naynina heard someone twisting the doorknob.  
Dracon stepped inside the bedroom. He pushed the door close.  
Naynina noticed the worrisome look etched across his face.  
“Baby, is everything all right.”  
Dracon palmed his cheeks down.  
“Naynina tomorrow we will wed.”  
“Excuse me.”  
“Baby times is of importance. Seneca has gone to the Authority Federation and placed a request to pursue you.”  
A warm feeling washed over her.  
“Marrying me, how does that help any cause.”  
“By law within each vampire clan, he could not cross the line if we were wed.”  
Dracon’s quick flash took him across the bedroom. He sat down on the bed.  
“Marry me.”  
“Dracon, there has to be another way. I would like my adoptive father to walk me down an aisle, you know a white dress a reception, food.”  
“Baby, we would have an elaborate second wedding, but we need to bridge our alliance to make this clan stronger, and the protection it could offer to you.”  
“Can, I think on it throughout the night.”  
“I will expect an answer in the morning. However, we are going to have to finish this much later. I have an emergency meeting with Salice.”  
“Yes, the Authority Federation Superior Vampire.”  
“And it cannot wait.”  
“I love it when those charcoal gray eyes show me how much you care for me.”  
“Could I go with you.”  
“And dangle the bait of a Fairy to more blood thirsty vampires, it’s not going to happen on my watch.”  
“I love you, when you defend me as your woman.”  
“Past wife and soon to me future wife.”  
Dracon leaned in and kissed Naynina on her lips.  
Naynina tried to pull Dracon down on top of her.  
“I love you, but I really must go.”  
Dracon kissed Naynina on her lips. He gradually inched his face back.  
“I expect to see you tonight.”  
“You will.”  
Dracon rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom.  
Naynina laid back on the bed.  
Either you come to me, or I will come to you.  
Naynina folded her arms across her chest.  
I have nothing to say to you, you are free to use someone else to get what you want, Naynina thought.  
Dracon walked back out the bathroom.  
Naynina twisted her head.  
“Why don’t you look handsome, are you sure you are going to a meeting.”  
Dracon lifted his wallet from off the dresser. He placed it inside the back pocket of his Kenneth Cole pants. He buttoned the two buttons to his navy blue double-breasted suit jacket.  
“You will make a handsome choice as a husband.”  
Dracon turned around.  
“I have mad love for my beautiful wife.”  
Dracon winked at Naynina.  
“I will be back as quickly as I can.”  
“Okay, I might hang out here for a couple of hours.”  
“This is your home and has always been.”  
“Have a great meeting.”  
“I will now that I know who is at home waiting for my return.”  
Naynina blushed.  
Dracon walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out his bedroom. He gently pulled the door close.  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is Chapter Thirty-One of Chapter Thirty-Five or more (I will finish this vampire novel out, a little Halloween gift to mankind)

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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