The Cleaner

Business owner,
                         By day, she shines counters,
She dust window seals,
                          She’ll wipe down your door.
At night she's a servant,
subservient to whoever is her Master
at the time,
hands and knees, planted, crawling on the floor.
                        Financial arrangement paid submission,            that's not enough,    her, beneficiary wants more.
She already offers all she has to offer.              Her body,
                 Her mind,  
                                 Her soul.
He wants her all to himself,
influencing her to accept him as the new, & remove,                   replace,                  replenish the old.
Three years of he’s just a friend to me,
3 years,                   talking,
twice a day,                                     every day,
3 years,                                      sexually,   daily.
               just her friend indeed.      
“Yes I’m there every day, but for like only 20 minutes”  
“He does nasty things to me,”
Shit, she throws in my face,
69 years old,                                     still,
has the energy to
sneak around,      and sneak in and out,         her place.
Intimacy with no bounds,
                         for she Is boundless sexually,
He pays for those lack of bounds,
                          to do as he will, playfully.  
Do as he will,       she accepts,         Happily!
Speaking upon,
boundaries,      bounds,      boundlessness,         and boundaries.
I'm not only talking,
                                isolated acts of intimacy.  
I’m talking crossing of limits,
                                                Limits crossed,  my relatives,                                 her in-laws,
                and Friends of her family.                       Her Father…
Father figure         and or          father fetish,
                       a fetish I believe,
which has now peaked.
Her                   discrete             indiscretions,
                     oh, the secrets,
her secrets,    instilled in me,     I fight to keep.
And the secrets,                    I entrusted her,                               my secrets,                                secrets she    fuckin leaked.
Now that she has moved back to the northern part of where she’s from.,
She’s free,                                free from me,  To live out her nature and, do as she, please.                    
                     On Mn outskirts
More convenient for the beneficiary,                         to get her,                           out of her skirt.
But 40 years her senior, thinks moving back is for him,                and solely for him,
Aw you old man,                                         what a gem!
I even talked to & tried to school the old man.                                    
                         On this being            
the beginning,                          
                 The Origination,                                                                                             The Manifestation,
                  of her lack of bounds,
her hometown,        her stomping grounds.                                      
Dude she gets paid to live her fantasy
 & be your fantasy,                  
some,           some just get it for free.                                                   Little to no effort, to say the least.                She is who she is                                            AN                   EROTIC!                     EXOTIC!
                  A boundless freak.
He said “I asked her to marry me,
I think she’s nice & I think she’s sweet”,
Yeah,                  I bet,               nice & sweet.
But he’s old and lonely and sincerely wants to believe,                       he achieved,                              a movie,                      a pretty woman story,                       I guess, you’re not too old, to be that naďve.
Naďve to the fact of how she
befell upon her
rep,                                               her name,               what he pays for,               Most her glories.
But enough, for now,
let’s stop here.
         Simply for the sake of saving some for other stories.
Not just of a
Secret in his late 60’s,                   and                  Benefits in her early 40’s,             still going wild.
But of man in his late 40’s with lack of control,     as a collective whole,  
                                     acting like a child.
So overwhelming,                   so frightening,       from not wanting
                              to let go,
                                             move on.
Not just as an immature adult alone,
As a psychotic child, that’s grown.
Written by FarFromALoser
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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