You have such a misconception of your value in life.
                           Such a shame.
And the preconception of life without you is a                    lifeless life               a life,               I can't live with,
                                  a life,
                               of self-blame.
At times we see others wishing that was us,
at times we see others saying,
whew, wtf,                        
glad that’s not us.
And why.
You're no different, with as many differences as there are stars in the sky.
You're no smarter than the average kid          and you have low self-esteem.
A prestigious young lady,
              than the                  
                            smartest kid,
who thinks he knows
                    what prestigious even mean.
You feel worthless
you're physically slower than most,
yet mentally you finish,
                                                and finishing
                                                  finish first.             Cuz of A thirst.
                                    A Thirst for knowledge!
Only the thirst you have in your possession,
Lacks the ability to help you progress.
                                    Unless                     You get knowledge of self,
There’ll always the possibility to digress.
As your father, I can tell you what I think is right,
I can tell you what I think is wrong.
I can give you advice from personal experience in hopes it makes you strong.
I can tell you what direction to go,
I can tell you which path to take.
But you and only you are the
                                         Master of your fate.
control your destiny,
                                          Control your life.
 are the author of the story
                                          want to write.
So write a story to remember a lifetime,
and play the part like an
                     Oscar-winning actress
who knows tomorrow is her last day on earth.
From day one
                                   I knew
                                   I know,
What you’ve yet to learn.
The moment you were born
that the
                      Love Of My Life
Was destined for greatness from birth.
Even if you must cut people out of your life to succeed in your dreams.
Then cut them out,
 NO 1.          will believe in,

           NO 1                    should believe in
your dreams.
They’re your dreams.
The only way to live life true,
                                                  Is to live life for you.
                                     Love Daddy!!!
Written by FarFromALoser
Author's Note
My daughter was and is my inspiration.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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