Once upon a Time

There is this perfect
"once upon a time"
A dedication of serial growth in movie time settings

This tale is one untold mystery of a noble guy leading a daily routine of fallen structures
as rain
but the water drops are objects bruising the ground

a wise man told this noble guy to seek love
by getting in touch with his emotions
going back to when he was a kid where it was just streams of failure and empty destructions
failed lines and misconceptions
life was never structured growing up
until a menace took charge to erase all the clouds and re-approached distances to discover


When fallen,
you reach to the closest surface to pull on to get back up
we at times don't see what that string is attached on because darkness is the second nature of tumbles and dust is still fading from sight

this noble guy was standing in light for the first time in months when the perfect once upon a time was the scriptures of his deepest fantasies and dreams
saying with every kiss
this is incredible
wishing so badly to make this one workout
while thinking
this can not be real

how can you explain reality when nothing feels right but still feels the touch like no one ever touched before
as angels strokes
spark waves of oxytocin and adrenaline making brain waves create new futures in prearranged fantasies
blocking reality to tell it stories and seeing blue skies at the brink of midnight

I was the full moon in the daily sky
shining the light from the sun upon everything
and it was
so bright
and the once upon a time told me
it was the halo's light looming,
blocking my sight…

A wise man once told me
deceit is allowed when all stories sound better than reality and escape into fantasies becomes the only light you feel…
love becomes an addiction when heartbreak is all you ever known to be real
Once upon a times are fictional tales where perfection is the key to soul burning lava poured down on ice to cause smoke blocking the bad
reality is seeing the reflections of demons sucking the happiness out of you
mirrored in the princess you kiss

That noble guy
he lived happily ever after
in knowledge that what he wanted has never been what he needed!
Written by Raheelle_Bhaggan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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