Warm, Wet, Satisfied

I like to see her in her bra,

Her curled hands up near her face.

With her eyes lightly closing,

Allowing my fingers to gently trace.

I like to run the back of my hand,

Circling her bare round breasts.

Feeling first the soft round fullness,

Then the red hardness at its crest.

I like to lie my face to her chest,

Kissing round the softness til its firm.

Waiting for her to skillfully slip,

Her hardness within my warm.

I like to feel her smooth legs,

Especially just after shes bathed.

The warm and fragrant clean,

Of legs that were just shaved.

I like to touch the cotton,

Wrapped tightly around her waist.

My fingers trace her seam,

As it protrudes from beneath the lace.

I like to warm that seam,

With warm breath upon the cloth.

Coaxing the lips beneath to part,

Exchanging wetness back and forth.

I like to slip my fingers,

Behind the little white bow.

Inching further down the smoothness,

To learn where her secret wisps still grow.

I like not noticing exactly when,

She opened her legs so wide.

But being able now to walk my touch,

From her knees to just outside.

I like to see the darkness,

Beneath her butterfly wings.

My touch so easily welcomed,

Awaiting the passion that I bring.

I like to rest beside her.

My fingers retreating from inside.

Listening to her final deep breaths,

Warm, wet...satisfied

Written by RPM1on1
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