Tragedy of the Commons

The essence of prosperity is property rights.
Reservations, more often than not
have neither property worth harvesting—
according to developers; or, property rights  
to construct or expand their own livelihood
It's a 'Tragedy of the Commons'—
tribal land is communal, which means  
owning a clear land title for your residence
especially if a trailor park or mill house
can be filled with legal obstacles  
You can't build, or improve your home
if you can't use the land as collateral;  
ergo, If everyone owns the land  
no one individual can. . .
Without adequate businesses  
to employ residents, the commute  
to work can be exhaustive; this requires
dependable transportation; however. . .
it's virtually impossible to finance a car
when you don't have a job;  
and, the only collateral you've got
is a run-down home you can't fix up
because you don't own land it sits upon
And yet the white man yells,
Get a damn job you Indian slob—
It's yer own fault, you alcoholic

So, Happy Columbus Day, America.
Celebrate the beginning of apartheid-
that small, white minority's claim to live
where thousands once thrived  
From genocide to the Trail of Tears
our history should be condemned;
to publicly celebrate its origin
while Indigenous remain enslaved  
by legalities of the system. . .
has built a country now flailing  
in racial tension—sinking more each year
truth is ignored; and change,  
deemed unworthy of achieving  
Author's Note
Non-entry entry for the Indigenous Peoples' Day comp:
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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