Keokuk's Dream

Rainbows cradle the rain,

as east wind blows,

bands of colors over

sacred lands, the land of

Neshoba , grandfather elder,

He dressed in splendid regalia, tonight he honors oral tradition as he speaks proudly the language of Pai the language of his people,  the Hualapai, People of the Tall Pines

He sits wrapped in ceremonial  turkey feather blanket,  with many grandchildren at his feet,

They listen,  as he tells stories of days long past , the days of fertile lands, and rich waters, of trading camps and hunting parties

He tells of heroes, who have passed, that watch from the sky .

His eyes closed,  Grandfather immersed in the tale of the great buffalo, and  his brother the owl.

Young Keokuk - (one who is watchful)

Sleepily rubs one eye,  and begins to drift into a  dream

A dream where Wild mustang gallop through raging rivers,  crossing  giant land bridges, then  soaring,  through indigo skies over villages.

Castles built on mounds,  hundreds upon hundreds of castles,  with walls made of wood

He sees lovely maidens with bows and arrows, others with pockets,  of silver and turquoise dancing,  under the sun

There are Falcons,  with smiles that carry him south,  where sunflowers call his name as they touch, the  sky.   Dreams so real,  he can taste the wind .

Keokuk has awakened, his eyes opened.

Great love and respect has risen in his heart,  filling him with a newfound purpose.

He is one, with his mind and emotion,  conscious awareness,  has overtaken him instilling in him,  profound wisdom for his people.

He stands tall,  his leather pouch at his side,  he walks to the edge, of a great hill where he  kneels,  placing  offerings of gratitude,  to the sun and the moon, to Mother Earth.

He  speaks a prayer of thanksgiving   to Father Sky,  for watching over his people.

The tale of Keokuk comes  alive with the spirit of his ancestors,  this tale,   a dedication to every tribe  within,  these United States

Land of our fathers and our mothers,  our indigenous brothers and sisters

We proclaim to recognize  their good stewardship over the land, the air, and the water,  and for their unmatched contribution,  to this country

Blessings to all, as we set apart this day, with love and peace, let us unite,  in our  humanity, to  honor and celebrate now,  and in the future
Indigenous Peoples day

In America
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Valeriya)
Author's Note
Written for Competition
Indigenous People's Day
The story and names are fiction
Permission granted
Written for Competition
Indigenous People's Day
The story and names are fiction
Permission granted
©Valeriya Long
© 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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