Horror in the shadows

As the day just rubs its eye
and forebodings ever cluster
and hush; did i hear a strangled cry
the smell of dank decaying fester
Toll the church bell, ringing the escort
bones creaking like old rusted doors
with limbs all twisted and contort
the flesh alive and full of sores
Writhing with worms in every pore
decay, its stench pervades and chokes
the phantoms with grotesque allure
stumble, shuffle;  is this a hoax ?
And suddenly the green lit glow
a swarm of beetles issue forth
iridescence alive in each hollow
its blood and pulse a living force
Flies trapped in a thicket of spiders web
is this the edge of hell and heaven
spooks, disembodied generations all inbreed
like hairy spiders all unshaven
Dank black caves, dark mouths that open
maggots crawling  
halo's of black bats, is this the omen
the night is nigh for the appalling
From the grave, white bones alight
shake the dirt to seek the night
they are the unseen horrors lurking near
the virus that instils such fear
Rampant Covid 19 a painful death  
rigors as you gasp for breath
laughing as it hugs you close
this Halloween will be its host
Dark poetry repeats and repeats
the Nighmare come and never sleep
the open book of walking grief
not placated ever, with a sweet
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