What the hell is today?

We are alive today, but that doesn't mean we are living;
We choose this hell of ours ; for we are the ones that's not forgiving. 

We hold one to the things that may leave a scar;
We can run as fast as we can, but they are never that far. 
All of the things that bring us pain, and nightmares;
We could just wake up and just not cares. 

I don't mean to pry or poke;
For some of us this no joke. 
We do the same things everyday on end;
Not knowing the beginning or the end. 

We can live the shadows of our past;
Leaving no room for our future to last. 
We may never think about tomorrow; it's just another day;
We can screw it up with the things we do today. 

We can not bring back yesterday; it's gone for good;
As much of us would start back at our childhood. 
It would change life as we lived up until now;
Would we really be able to change it somehow?

Knowledge it learning from ones mistakes;
Wisdom is learning from someone else's mistakes.
Knowledge is knowing right from wrong;
To really have wisdom would truly take to long. 

I screwed up yesterday, and it was out of my control;
I really didn't because it was someone else's roll.
We so easily take blame for mistakes that others do not claim;
Wether it's right or wrong; to us it's all the same. 

Their comes a day that is not on your calendar of this year;
The day you know you will be happy, and full of cheer. 
It's like a holiday that we can not wait for;
Waiting for that moment to unlock our heart shape door. 

Tomorrow seems that it is so far away;
We work eight, sleep for another eight.
Up to sixteen; their is only eight hours at last;
Why just to have eight hours to ourselves that goes by so fast. 

So when your stuck in that forever writ;
Take a step forward , and get out it. 
Take it as a day that you can do good;
So why would you want to go back...if you could. 

I would never go back and live my life again;
To live again thru all of that sin. 
To never know where I'm going;  
Just only knowing where I have been. 

So if your like me and remember so much of the past;
It's almost like being wrong as the weatherman with his forecast.
We have to find good in today, and tomorrow;
Put the past behind us; for most of it is full of sorrow. 

Wether it's optimistic, pessimistic, or taking it for what it is;
Everyday of our lives is nothing more than a quiz. 
So live our days as if they are the last;
We can not go back in time; for the future moves so fast.
Written by Atropabelladonna (Atro)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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