I'm claustrophobic  

You tell me it's alright  
You tell me I can always  
come to you for anything  
You tell me that you're supportive  
no matter what  
You tell me it's alright  

I thought since you were so accepting,  
that I could come out  
that I could explain my worries  
that I could share my story  
that I could share who I really am  
a man  
But when I slipped that note  
under your door,  
you found it and yelled  
You said it wasn't true  
You said I was confused  
You said I was lying  
but the only liar was you  
I'm shoved in this little pink box  
I'm shoved into the femme side of things  
I'm shoved into uncomfortable situations  
I'm shoved into conversations  
that make me want to cry,  
but of course,  
I'm not allowed to cry  
I'm not allowed to frown  
I'm not allowed to defend myself  
I'm not allowed to wear what I please  
I'm not allowed to be who I am  
Who I really am  
a man  
I can't be any of these things  
I can't be me  
I can't be a boy  
I can't kiss boys  
I can't be who I'm supposed to be  
because of you  
I'm claustrophobic,  
shoved into a tiny pink box  
marked 'F'  
marked girl  
marked woman  
marked female  
I'm claustrophobic  
Why are you so two-faced?  
Why are you so close-minded?  
Why are you so unreasonable?  
Why are you forcing me to be who I'm not?  
I'm claustrophobic
Written by thequietgaypoet
Published | Edited 7th Oct 2020
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