The Myers Boy

Kill her,
a voice inside
says, Kill her.
Wether it is mine
or that I truly am
a killer remains to be seen
through these dimestore spectacles
but we will see soon enough
I pull the clown mask's string
over head, securing its cheap
plastic against equally dead skin
facade I've worn daily for years
knowing only with great certainty
lifelessness begins at birth
A blank space between song lyrics
calls to me from beyond the cesarian
tomb I was ripped from, abducted  
for use in twisted puppet showmanship
----this on-staged, inhumane theatre of
This is doing Judith a favor;
she will become unborn  
---won't suffer another minutiae  
of this insane plane of existence
Mom and Dad think I'm just
a stupid kid with stupid toys
but ... I'm smarter than I act.
I know the Ritual of Samhain;
I learned it from the Sandman
entering nights in my dreams
and it goes a little something
like this, Sis:
The knife goes in
The knife goes out  
The knife goes in
You thrash, hit the floor
We do the Hokey Pokey  
You shriek, spasming some more
Death's our only way to get out

It's okay to shit and piss yourself,
Judith --- the show will go on here
without you
There's always someone else
ready to clean up the messes  
we make of their so-called lives
and confine us to homes
for "special people" as if we were
ugly words strung together
stanza'd into forgettable poems
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Author's Note
for the Classic Corner Comp "Nothing But Color" @
inspired by "The Kid" @
for the Classic Corner Comp "Nothing But Color" @
inspired by "The Kid" @
inspired by the 1978 film "Halloween"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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